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  1. Post has been updated for 10.5.7!! Working successfully! And actually real easy to upgrade - do the .7 upgrade, reboot, do the Nvidia fix, reboot again, and you're done! See the original post for details.
  2. Anyone got 10.5.7 installed??
  3. Anybody with iAtkos tried 10.5.7 yet? Please post your experiences, problems, and/or fixes!
  4. You should use iAtkos if you're using the 7800gtx go, and iDeneb if you have the 6800 go. they act differently.
  5. prodigal - how did it go with the external monitor? my iAtkos install has good audio, but the subwoofer doesn't work when it's just playing thru the laptop speakers. anyone else have this problem?
  6. Folks - I need your sage advice! do you guys (with iatkos, 9300, and 7800gtx) have the DVI or VGA ports working? I can't test because I don't have a second display and I don't want to buy one until I'm sure it will.
  7. in iAtkos v5, it is one of the options in customize, it should say something like "disable powermanagement.kext". make sure you expand ALL of the customize options and follow my directions perfectly. if you need clarification, email me at jilipoya (at) hotmail (d0t) com and I should be able to reply pretty promptly.
  8. Try it my way and use iAtkos instead of iDeneb. Full instructions for the 7800GTX are posted there, but it involves rolling back the kexts to an older version of leopard and then using nvinstaller. See the original post for details.
  9. Please do let us know if this last suggestion works, so we can update the instructions.
  10. powermanagement.kext has to be disabled! if I didn't specify this, I apologize, but I kept panicking on boot. The kernel panic specified powermanagement as the source of the crash, in your case, it seems to be the video drivers. have you tried doing this install without installing any kind of video drivers, or installing the drivers but starting up in safe mode?
  11. When you guys were running the iAtkos and iDeneb builds, were you disabling the PowerManagement kext? That is essential to the installation.
  12. If this works better than .javi's, I'll update my post with the more recent instructions. Let's see how people do with the new procedure.
  13. thanks .javi, I updated the OP with your initial instructions. If there's any modifications to it let me know, or if you feel like rewording it like I once had to do Thanks again!!
  14. iAtkos v5 then? Install using my instructions but DONT follow the nVidia instructions, and just choose "nvidia mobile" from the customization options.
  15. Which kernel are you installing? My instructions do seem a bit confusing since it was one edit after another.