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  1. I'm not blaming Apple for anything. I just don't understand why their driver installation process is so tedious and why there's a 3rd party application to make it easy when Apple could have easily integrated a similar function into their OS. Thats all and with the frustration of getting this to work on a system that people say it works on annoying me it just pissed me off that much more.
  2. No reread my post. I it took me over week to just get this os installed. And the kext was pissing me off because I'm going through all the steps but nothing's happening. I don't see my network card being detected and I'm getting no errors. My whole point was in Windows it shows all devices detected whether they're known or not. Then all you have to do it tell it where the driver is and its installed. You don't need to change ownership of the driver, copy it anywhere, or change permissions to install something. I under stand this isn't how Apple designs their systems but its still none the less availble for upgrades. Why do they make it so complicated? I didn't read anything past your first paragraph. Mainly because I don't care Do you know how to read and interpret what you read? No where in there did I say "plug and go". Why did you even bother {censored} replying to a post you didn't read? Were you killing time between {censored} your cat? I was installing the driver and nothing happened. Not even a {censored} error. Great OS to give no response to commands, cat {censored}! I'm {censored} done with this {censored}.
  3. Before I spend over a grand on a mac I wanted to play with the os. Glad I did. I've been ####ing around with this "hackintosh" and it's been nothing but a pain. Now I understand that if I bought I mac I wouldn't need to go through all this but working in the IT field I'd probably kill myself if my mac had a problem and I had to go through 1/10th of this just to get my computer working again. I have an optiplex 755 and besides it taking a couple days to get this thing installed. The network card didn't work. Someone finally made a driver for the Intel 82566MM ethernet, which is onboard the 755. But apparently the driver is for a t61p and for some reason that 82566MM is different than my 82566MM. I'm posthing because my question(s) are: Does the driver made for IBM work for my Dell? If not, why not? Whats different if they're the same model? Isn't that the point to give make models? Also this kext thing is annoying. I thought macs were suppose to just plug and work. Why is it so much more complicated than Windows? And if all these tutorials on how to install a kext are the same lines, why can't Apple just make them a clickable install? Why do you need to go into terminal and go through all these steps? Sorry to {censored} but this has been a headache and I'm giving up this weekend, and not looking back at macs, if this driver doesn't work.
  4. Thanks but i read the instructions and it doesn't seem to be working. I don't know if its even detecting the card
  5. I have the intel 82566dm onboard nic on my pc so my osx install doesn't get online. Currently I have the install on my desktop which I'm using just to remote into my different vmachines because I don't have space in my room for a desk. VMware has vnc built into it but it doesnt work with osx. Is there any way for me to remote into osx? Is there any update to the vnc in vmware to work with osx? I need to get working on the iphone sdk. Is there a usb-ethernet adapter that works with the current releases? I don't have any more pci slots so usb is the only option. Thanks
  6. Generic ethernet driver

    I don't think you understand what I wrote. If you installed Sonicwall vpn client it creates a virtural ethernet device, looks and acts like a network connection, but you clearly didn't install a new device. There's no way to create a network connection, like sonicwall does, that would be compatible in osx? So it would look like a regular ethernet device in OSX but virtural in windows, or what ever your host is, then bridge it in the host to the actual network connection. I don't think this would need any specific card to work. Not trying to be a pest, just don't see why it wouldn't work.
  7. I don't know if this has been brought up, I can do some coding but give major props to anyone that can make drivers, but rather than making all these drivers for these hackintoshes for every device why can't you make a generic driver? I know every device is different I think this would be the easiest thing to do for ethernet, especially if their hackintosh is in vmware, like mine. Lots of vpn clients install a virtural ethernet, and vmware installs 2. Why can't someone make a virtural ethernet in windows that can work in osx virtural, then just bridge them to the actual ethernet? Wouldn't this be easier than making drivers for every card out there?
  8. Ah ha. I figured it out. Just after enable/disable VT theirs an option for VT direct i/o and Trust VMM. THey need to be disabled. Hope this helps anyone else in my situation.
  9. It's E6750 and I have the latest bios a10 and vt is an option in my bios and it's enabled. I power cycled it a few times and vmware still says its vt capable but says its not enabled. It said this on 6.02 and the current 6.5
  10. Yes several times and VMware is still saying it's not enabled. Does it matter that I'm running Vista Ultimate x64 as my main os and vmware in it? VT is just for running 64bit virtually, correct?
  11. Can't get past language selection. I've tried everything posted here, different OSes, disabled everything but cdrom and hard drive. I can get to the language selection only if I run with -v cpus=1 -legacy using Other-Other OS but it doesnt go any further and no errors or messages. Also I enabled VT in my bios but vmware says it's not enabled. I have Optiplex 755, 6gb ram, Core 2 Duo 2.66 VPro. My vmware is 6.5 and I disabled debug with replacing the debug executable. Ideas?
  12. I've tried installing osx86 on my d620 several times and even completely wiped it. Nothing worked even though I could boot from the cd and work fine, just slow. Now I have an optiplex755 and I saw with a patch its possible to install on this model on vmware. Except, once again, I've tried several times and nothing seems to work. If you have it working can you clone it and start a torrent to help out? Or if anyone knows what extra steps are needed can you post?