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  1. Just a note: Ethernet works in SL on M1530. For some cosmetic changes: To get the correct macid one has to modify the binary in AppleYukon2.kext to the correct one, otherwise it will show as 00:11:22:33:44:55 If one wants to have the card correctly recognized as 88E8040 then the plist in the same kext has to be modified to include that. Otherwise it will show up as 88E804Z. Neither of the above makes any difference to the performance.
  2. With all due respect to Immo's (owner of this thread) wish: PLEASE POST ALL NON-DSDT DISCUSSIONS AND QUERIES in Wingrunr21's thread as that is where these belong. I check that post as often as this one and so do others. Please keep this post for DSDT discussions ONLY. Thank you. regards, Talisman
  3. Try installing the logitech drivers from their website...
  4. Here is the VoodooHDA stuff... prefpane and kext. Also, sleep should be working with lid close too, at least it works for the M1530. Make sure you don't have any old "clamshell" kexts loading. We used to use those a long time back. About the heating, check if you have working pstates (Use anycpu DSDT instead of processer specific). Also, some of the softwares out there do not read the temp correctly. I use istat nano and coolbook controller and take a rough average. I run at ~50C on light load and ~65 on heavy load for processer temp. However, I never keep it on my lap, have a 9 cell which elevates the laptop facilitating airflow and keep my house really really cold. However, my second M1530 is overheating and I suspect the GPU is on its death bed. I will have it warranty replaced soon. VoodooHDA_2.7.2.zip
  5. Do precisely what that says. Go into System Preferences -> Security and make sure secure virtual memory is unchecked. The open a terminal as root and do this (as just S0 works reliably for now.) pmset -a hibernatemode 0 rm /var/vm/sleepimage reboot and check if sleep is working. There are other ways of making sleep work, but I prefer this. I would rather remove the AppleHDA than use a kext for blocking it, you might get faster boot time. I don't think that is interfering with the sleep as I have never used it. Also make sure you have no bios password set. That has been known to interfere with sleep. Yes, there are some M1530 owners on this thread who are willing to live up to your dare, just that they also have to finish their PhDs !! Don't bother with the pin configs, they will not give you anything for the mic. The config is read correctly (almost!!) by the binary. Install VoodooHDA Preference Pane and jack up the levels in the mic section to max. There is another bug which strangely appeared in the later versions of SL (I forget exactly when). the mic setting don't get loaded at boot. So you have to unload and reload the VHDA kext every time you boot. This you can do from the terminal and make sure you check the settings in the VHDA pref pane after doing this. You can automate reloading of the kext with a script set to run at boot time. I haven't done it coz I hardly use the mic and when I do, I do all of the above.
  6. You do not need modded IOATAFamily if you have the correct DSDT (latest anycpu for 1330 in the first post). Just keep the vanilla IOATAFamily in S/L/E VoodooPS2 can go into E/E, but make sure you remove BOTH ApplePS2 and AppleACPIPS2Nub Yes, or just move it to a backup, but it should not be allowed to load along with VoodooPS2 Full almighty 64. Also, the 1530 needs VoodooBattery for the icon. I am not so sure about the 1330 but I think it should.
  7. Look here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1718282 Its a problem with the Airport Moniter Bundle.
  8. Thanks, I will try it on 10.6.8. Also, have you made any edits to the Trackpad Preference Pane or is it completely vanilla...?? Also, this might be the end of the HDMI woes: I don't have HDMI but others can check: The Mac OS X 10.6.8 Supplemental Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and resolves issues with: Transferring personal data, settings, and compatible applications from a Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard to a new Mac running Mac OS X Lion Certain network printers that pause print jobs immediately and fail to complete System audio that stops working when using HDMI or optical audio out
  9. I guess you are using VoodooPS2. Go to the trackpad preference pane in system preferences and make sure two finger scroll is checked. If the preference pane is not opening, try this:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DE58OOSC It is an older solution but quite stable. You might have to copy the trackpad preference pane as root. Make sure you keep a backup! guys: if any of you have a newer solution for using vanilla trackpad pref pane in 10.6.8 or Lion please scream...!!
  10. Updated to 10.6.8 with the DSDT (no cpu) in the first post for M1530. Everything is shipshape. The only thing I had to change was the Apple80211Monitor.bundle in S/L/SystemConfiguration/ I have a Dell Trumobile 1395 (BCM 4311). Update was done through the normal software update. I did not bother doing the combo. For those who have taken the wrong path and dont have a copy of the 10.6.7 Apple80211Monitor.bundle, I am attaching it. Will test out lion once I get some time. Doing a PhD isn't as trivial as I thought...!! Apple80211Monitor.bundle_10.6.7.zip
  11. With your configuration, retail is the best option. Now that you have it up an running, you can install retail on an external drive make it bootable with all the required kexts and DSDT and then image it on to your laptop drive.
  12. I have always had hibernate mode set to 0. One way of checking this is to see if you have a "sleepimage" file in /var/vm/. Having it might mean you are hibernating to the disk. Also, You might have set hibernatemode to 0 but not deleted the file, in which case you can go ahead and delete it coz it just eats up HD space equal to the ram in your tin-can. so do this as superuser: pmset -a hibernatemode 0 rm /var/vm/sleepimage Sleep seems to be a slight problem in the M1530 as I mentioned before, even with the latest DSDT, at least in my tin-can. I am yet to look into it.
  13. So if you sleep in the AC power mode and wake up in the battery mode or vice versa, the computer mostly freezes. I say mostly because it still seems to be working but takes no input from trackpad or mouse and takes only minimal input from keyboard. I have had voodoobattery ever since Superhai wrote it. Before that I used the ACPIBattery kext which was also written by Superhai. He was one of the best coders we had. Till date I have had no KP because of the VoodooBattery kext or the previous one. Nor have a seen any memory leaks. And I do not know what other information you are looking for as the System Profiler in my tin can gives me everything: Oswaldini: to my knowledge C-states don't work for M1530s. I don't know if there has been any progress during my occasional hibernation. Also, I remember from the leopard days sleep wouldn't work if you had a bios password. Strange but true.
  14. Sleep works just fine as long as one doesn't change the power state in the middle of the sleep. Trackpad works fine with the older voodooPS2+appleACPINub or with the newer VoodooPS2. Get a hold of the older trackpad.prefpane from here and replace the one in /S/L/PrefPane and activate the trackpad. Then forget about it.... Optimango: you are welcome. Also, I use a Dell 1490 in the wwan slot (middle) and it works just fine in both my tin cans. I actually have not heard of anyone voicing your problem before. DarwinX: I have never had problems with VoodooBattery, why do you call it buggy??