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  1. well, i mean my hard drives are plenty big for that... leopard is on a 640gb, ubuntu on a 160gb, and xp on a 500gb. originally my thuoght was just to let each drive have its own bootloader for its own os and use the bios to switch... EDIT: WORKING NOW well, i feel silly. it wasn't makeactive that made the difference... i didn't notice till after i found the problem that your grub also had it booting partition 1 instead of partition 0. completely forgot about the EFI partition ... i think what threw me off was that last time i entered it, it was 0,1 ... so now that the hd switched from 0 to 1, i had put in 1,0 and got dyslexic. changed it to 1,1 and all is good. thanks! now i think i might switch xp to be on the ide drive so i don't have to worry about ahci... (i hope)
  2. So i started out with one SATA drive running leopard 10.5.4, then upgraded to 10.5.4 i installed an IDE hard drive and put ubuntu 8.04 on it, but somehow grub got installed onto the SATA hd (cuz i could only boot if that hd was first in the boot list. so i configured grub to boot os x by copying the i386 folder and using chainloader +` then i got a second sata hd. when i plugged it in, the ide hd became hd0 and the sata became hd1 (not sure why they just switched since the new one was hd2 ... i installed xp-x64 on the new sata drive, but don't use it cuz i couldn't get it to install with AHCI working. the other day i decided to upgrade ubuntu to 8.10 through ubuntu's upgrade utility and stupidly forgot to back up my grub menu.lst ... oddly it configured ubuntu's own grub configurations wrong which i had to manually change. adding osx86 and xp to the boot list again was no big deal... i even recopied the i386 folder to the /boot/grub/ folder no dice. tried using hd0, hd1, hd2 .... no go. it just won't boot and i don't get why ubuntu upgrading on one hd would affect the booting of the other. i've attached my grub menu.lst any thoughts? ~j menu.lst.txt
  3. so i've got an old athlon64 system from circa summer 2005. it's a 2800+ clawhammer 1.8ghz running on an MSI K8n Neo3-F nforce4 motherboard with a radeon x300 gpu... i'm wondering what the best method of install is? is it possible to use retail? or is that intel only?
  4. hey all...i'm curious as to what the best motherboard/cpu would be (ideally in the $200-250 range for both) that could run vanilla kernel and do the retail disc install route with the least drivers/mods needed. i don't mind onboard video, not looking for something super fast for gaming or anything. thx!
  5. so i haven't kept up much with the whole osx86 scene since its much earlier stages as i now own an imac and a macbook...but from what i gather just looking at install guides. if a vanilla kernel is in use on a system with 10.5.3...then the standard 10.5.4 update through software update works like a charm in most cases. does this mean that on a system using a vanilla kernel 10.5.4, when 10.5.5 comes out, and software update pops up that its ready to download an update, should some unsuspecting user download and install it...is there a good chance it won't screw up much? or at least beyond the point that it could be fixed with some ssh/screen share from afar? just curious...
  6. sounds like a great machine...two questions. 1) do you really need a 350w ps? seems like overkill for the atom. think a 60w would suffice? 2) think this thing could handle any hd content?
  7. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    similar to the way the radeon drivers for mac have been hacked is it possible to modify the windows drivers to accept the device id of the x1600 in the macs?
  8. best laptop for x86

    macbook pro
  9. moving an install from usb hd

    if i already installed 10.4.5 to a usb 2 hd, is there a way to create an HFS parition on my windows drive and copy the os x install partition to there and then set up a dual boot with my windows and os x on the same hd ? thanks!