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  1. I have successfully managed to get iAtkos working on my laptop. I chose: Kernel: Apple Leopard Original Stock Graphics: Intel GMA950 Chipset: Intel SATA (required for stock kernel) The install goes through perfectly, very quickly and runs 100% working. It is extremely stable. The only issues I have encountered are that the front audio jack will not work, although the laptops inbuilt sound does. Any questions please ask i am willing to help anyone!
  2. Dell E520 - OSX86 - Ethernet!

    Yes! I have made a stuffit file with all the stuff in it that you need to get sound working on dell e520. The instructions are in the codec.rtf file. Thanks go to Taruga and me! Hope i can help as many as possible.
  3. I have had iatkos working on my computer about four times already...just recently when the install finishes and asks me to reboot is comes up with "Missing operating System". If i leave the disk in however it will boot. Please can someone help? I have a Compaq A910EM 1.6Ghz Dual Core Processor 2gb Ram ...But i know the computer is compatible with it because i have had a sucessful install before. Thanks.