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  1. Thanks for answer. I understand what benefits AHCI mode give. Considering my Mac Pro 09 will have 0 to 3 SATA ports in a Mac RAID array (probably RAID5 via Apple Raid Card), I think about installing Vista on the SATA port 4, and a BR in port 5. But if these ports 4 & 5 are natively recognized, does it mean they are also Windows bootable ? (which I remember is a different thing). Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Found this tread and it's very interesting, thanks. As I'm about to buy a Mac Pro 2009 model, I'd like to have a few precisions. The Mac Pro 2009 doesn't have PATA anymore, its superdrive has been replaced by a SATA model and a second connector is ready for a second SATA superdrive. So questions are : - Does it mean the superdrives are now connected to the famous SATA ports 4 and 5 ? - If not, are they connected to two others hidden SATA ports 6 & 7 ? - Considering we can still install Windows via Bootcamp like in Mac Pro 2008 model, does it means this SATA ports are now recognized by Windows natively at boot sequence and then the manual procedure described here is useless in this 2009 model ? Thanks for help.