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  1. Safari 5.0.3 Update Released

    I got the "syncing disks" --- "Killing all processes" "Cpu halted" after installing this update and rebooting. Didn't change anything else before that, so I'm rather sure this is the root of the problem. I'm a P5K SE/Epu with C2D, so maybe others with that configuration will want to wait a little or help me after they fixed it...
  2. Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a special situation and don't know exactly where to start experimenting. The situation is the following: I bought a new hard drive and mirrored my OS X partition from my old hard disk to (with another windows partition on it) I'm keeping both hard drives for now and want to try to update one OS X partition (10.5.4. to 10.5.8., maybe snow leopard). So, now, I've got two identical partitions, but I can only boot into one. I have my boot.ini set up, so that I can choose between Win and Mac. [boot loader] timeout=15 default=C:\chain0 [operating systems] C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect Additionally I have the Windows partition made primary (so it loops between chain0 and boot prompt until I select). How can I make chain0 see the new partition? I assume, I have to manipulate the master/slave setting? Or is it the com.apple.Boot.plist ? Hard for me to say. I would appreciate any pointers, many thanks ahead, scornflakes
  3. INTEL E4600 C2D 2X2400MHz TRAY S775 88,50 ASUS P5K SE/EPU SATAII/GLAN/DDR2 775 71,90 CPU-KUEHLER Alpine 7 PRO PWM 9,90 PCI-E ASUS EN8600GT SILEN 512MB 2DVI 78,00 MIDI 420WATT 7004B SCHWARZ/SILBER 33,00 DDR2 2GB 800 Corsair Kit XMS2 CL4 43,90 LG GH-20NS15 BULK Black SATA 21,90 SAMSUNG 160GB HD161HJ 8MB SATAII 32,50 Build cost 23,20 Total: 402,80 Euro Hi! After my last iBook failed on me after having worked only with a C-Clamp attached to it for months, I decided not to buy any more Apple Hardware in the near future. So I read the HCL 10.5.2 over and over and decided on the above configuration from my local supplier. What do you think of it? Thanks for any feedback (regarding price-they have good service!, procedure, components and combination) Ruben