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  1. What can I do to enable both PCI slots in this build? I need to have firewire and ethernet. Or, should I be looking for a PCIe versions of this hardware? The SIIG FW400 PCI card I have is a Texas Instrument chipset and should be natively supported by OSX. Perhaps I should remove the kext for the FW card from a Kalyway 10.5.2 installation where it works, then place it in my 10.6.2 installation?
  2. Is there anything definitive on the topic of wireless in the Lifehacker build? OSX86 project suggests using this Netgear WN311B. Anyone have anything to add?
  3. I would also like to know of a good wireless card for this build. The cards on Stell's site either aren't available or are very expensive.
  4. dysanfel

    How stable is OSX86 for music production

    M-audio is {censored}, don't buy it. I suggest MOTU, Apogee, Presonus, RME, or Metric Halo. I run a P5WDH using iDeneb 10.5.5 using Ableton Live 7.014 and Logic 8. My audio interface is a Apogee Duet for mobile use and a Presonus FP10 for Live use. I also run a UAD-1 PCIe and a Siig FW400 PCI card. I have crashed only once since I installed it.
  5. dysanfel

    What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    I am using an Apogee Duet with a Siig FW400 PCI card. Runs very nice indeed.
  6. I just installed a UAD-1 PCIe card in my Hackintosh and it works flawlessly. I plan on buying another! My working configuration: iDeneb v1.3 OSX 10.5.5 Asus P5W-DH Intel Q6600 O/C to 3.11ghz 4gigs of DDR2 800 Gforce 7300GT UAD-1 PCIe Ableton Live 7.014
  7. As some of you may know, Universal Audio dropped the prices on their high end PCIe DSP cards for pro audio to $99. I bought one for my Hackintosh system and it works flawlessly!! Buy one of these if you want THE BEST sounding audio plugins available. My working configuration: iDeneb v1.3 OSX 10.5.5 Asus P5W-DH Intel Q6600 O/C to 3.11ghz 4gigs of DDR2 800 Gforce 7300GT UAD-1 PCIe Ableton Live 7.014
  8. dysanfel

    PCI-E to Express Card Convertor?

    I would be very interested to know if anyone uses something like this with any distro?
  9. dysanfel

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    I got it working with different drivers than those supplied by MAudio. However, the cards sounds like ass compared to my Duet so it is collecting dust.
  10. dysanfel

    Post your STUDIO SETUP.

    I have shrunk my system over the years. Computers: Hackintosh iDeneb v1.3 Asus P5WDH Q6600@3.11ghz, 4GB, Siig TI chipset FW400 PCI, MacBook Pro C2D@2.16, 3GB, 320gb 7200RPM Audio Interface: Apogee Duet DAW: Logic 8.02 and Ableton Live 7.014 Softsynths: I mainly use Zebra2, Omnispheres, Virtual String Machine, Blue, Nexus, and Addictive Drums. Monitors: Yamaha NS10m & Wharfedale Active 8" Controller: M-Audio Oxygen 8 Synths: Virus C desktop, Novation Supernova 2 48 voice. Mics: Rhodes NT2a, Shure SM57, Sennheiser e609 silver Guitars: PRS CE22 'Black Night' w/ Les Paul Pickups, Yamaha Acoustic, Fender Jazzbass Amps: Mesa Boogie Mark IV
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    Well... I got 28 at first, but once I had maxed it out I could only get 23 to work after that. Asus P5wDH, Q6600 OC 3.11gz, 4GB PC800, 7300GT, Apogee Duet on a Siig FW card, running iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5
  12. Has anyone successfully restored from TimeMachine with iDeneb v1.3? I was using Kalyway 10.5.2 and was never able to get restore to work correctly.
  13. dysanfel

    10.5.6 update works for iDeneb?

    I got a kernel panic and a pooched installation after trying it with a Asus P5wDH Q6600 4GB PC800 Gforce 7300GT
  14. dysanfel

    City of Heroes working

    I am in the open beta for City of Heroes and it works perfect on my ideneb v1.3 OSX 10.5.5.