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  1. Best Digital Video Websites

    http://www.clipcard.pl/ - just polish unfortunately - nice slideshows creation
  2. ga-ep45-ds3r, nvidia 9800gtx+ everything worked straight away - I didnt even have to edit DSDT Thanks for the guide
  3. 10.5.5 - no more capture in fcp

    thanks for reply, by the time I found solution- I had all available updates but the problem simply was in open gl - After install I enabled open gl with osx86tools and that caused the problem, now that I disabled it, everything is ok - maybe there will be some problem with other apps, but fcp works fine now, thanks again anyway
  4. not good... i installed 10.5.5 update, and I've lost communication with capture device in fina; cut pro 6. The connection is ok, because I can capture via quicktime, only fcp is broken, anyone know this issue? I have ep45-ds3r board and geforce 9800gtx+ card, I used grub-dfe and retail dvd and 10.5.5 combo update, everything is ok with 10.5.4, which kexts or strings should I check? thanks
  5. Strange booting issue after upgrade to 10.5.5

    i had the same problem, I fixed it removing all ati related kexts, but still have no sound
  6. Repair a screwed up update?

    ok, I could boot with 132 cd, I replaced the extensions with the old ones, repaired permisions and deleted extension.mkext and after reboot it gives me black screen with blinking coursor, I used GFXstrings and still no succes, is there any other place I should look for some changed files? ps. about this mac still shows 10.5.5, even after replacing the kexts... any tips? thanks
  7. Repair a screwed up update?

    I have the same problem with 10.5.5, altough I backed up my extensions - but I have no second drive to install other os to fix it from there, so can I do it using leopard install disk and terminal? are there any commands to replace files in certain directory? thanks
  8. I used regular alc889a.kext with my ga-ep45-ds3r and it forks fine, I found one little problem only, when the computer stays untached for a while - when I move my mouse or hit any key it makes loud, short noise on the audio output, do You think Your new kext might fix it?
  9. little bit off topic: i have hd 3870 (gigabyte), and the only way I am able to get it to work is with triakis only. I have 10.5.4 instaled from retail dvd, almost no mods, but I have to delete ati2000.kext to get it to work, otherwise I get gray screen, new natit doesnt help, with triakis I get all res and ci support but no QE which I need for final cut, does anyone had this problem or may know solution? motrherboard :gigabyte ga-ep45-ds3r processor: intelq9450
  10. R.I.P Prawker

    R.I.P Prawker, I didn't get to know You but I believe that You still have a lot of things to do.
  11. could You please tell me how did you make the sound work, what should I do after installing and deleting the right kexts? do You change something with strings? thanks in advance for reply p.
  12. my first succesful instal with this mobo, after a lot of trying i used grub-dfe and retail 10.5 dvd didnt have time to add anything to it yet, cheers
  13. hello everybody, this is my first post here, I have ep45-ds3r board and a lot of problems with it, my setup is: ep45-ds3r mobo - rev 1.0, f8 bios version intel q9450 processor- no overclocking ati 3870 hd graphics 2gb ddr2 ram memory (slot 1) sata hdd (sata 0 ) sata dvd drive (sata 1) I used all tips regarding this board, and still with no luck - I am using iatkos v4 and after installing and after restart I get that gray screen telling me "you need to restart your computer" installation works very well, similiar thing happens with kalyway 10.5.2 - after succesfull installation it never stands up. any ideas about what might be wrong?