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  1. [GUIDE] Chameleon 2 RAID - More complete tutorial

    You just saved my life....
  2. Asus Eee PC 1015px Guide

    Thank you I'm going to buy this one for a tour in the USA and just wanted to know if it's "hackintoshable"
  3. just to say that I installed the new fakesmc with plugins and now on istat menus bar I can have a lot more informations , now the CPU heatsink (idle) of my 3.00 Ghz q6600 is 46 Celsius, I don't think it made the cpu run cooler, but before installing it it was always around 60... I'm also using an external rom for my 8800GT and I don't need other tricks for quicktime/mouse pointer . I just love this mainboard and configuration, I think to squeeze it out for another year or more
  4. VoodooSDHCI beta released

    delete the cookies and create a fake account, I don't know why you are asking
  5. After the update to 10.6.3 my CPU (Q6600) temperature dropped down a lot (I don't know why...) Now it's on 38° with (big...) air cooler at 3.0 Ghtz. I use some heavy rendering applicatons and with the CPU at work the temperature could even reach 72, now it goes only at 55. I don't really know if it's for real or something is wrong with the sensor... Do you know if someone is working on a modified Bios for this motherboard ?
  6. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Goja, your answer should be "kextutility" I'm not 100% sure but depending on the method you should create the cache even in the Extra folder, kextutilty does it automatically. i don't know the details, but I found less pain in installing it using coconup disk, then manually install chameleon RC3 and the kexts which new version I found on this forum. Then shake everything with kexturility and restart. In the com.apple. boot.plist of the /extra folder I deleted the two lines that referred to arch=x86
  7. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Hi coconup, too bad that you don't have the hasee anymore About the dsdt, the problem was that you forgot to apply the "SL hack", that it's almost everywhere, if not the PC has a CMOS reset (not only the hasee but everyone). For the rest, it's working pretty well, but I would try to make a dsdt myself because there is something wrong: I used it on battery and it switched off suddenly at 43%, I don't know what caused it, i can only suppose that it was the CPU temperature protection, infact the fan was not running as usal (costantly on) while I was using a resources consuming flash application... I also switched it on 64 bit mode, no problems, and I updated the kext to the last version, the voodoobattery, new version does not have problems till now. For the rest, trackpad is working, like you, I suggest to download the most recent voodooPS2 kext and make a fresh install... I had less problems with this laptop, installing SL than on my Desktop PC
  8. S20/S20II laptops (Hasee, Advent, Haier...)

    Hi I strictly followed the instructions in the bootcd (SL version, the last one) but no luck, I had to install the OS, install chameleon 2 rc3 (with one of the installation packages that I found on the forum) kept the audio kexts and changed the other ones with the new versions. BIG problem is that something is fu**ng up the bios, it should be related to IRQ or something because when I restart, during the preboot it stucks. The only way to to make it run is to unplug physically the HD, I can enter the bios and load default values, save, restart, shut down, plug in the HD, make the changes in the bios etc. I've to look in dsdt but I don't really know if it is the one that is causing it, any suggestions ? Abut the fan, I had a lot of assertions with the kext provided in the boot cd, especially voodoobattery, it looks that it was causing soemthing that needed extra resources from the system, after installing the new version that I found here the fan look less "on" than it was in the past, nothing comparable to Windows 7, there the fan was almost every time off...
  9. Ah, ecco perche' non aggiornavi piu' il thread (manco sapevo che eri Italiano, un dialogo tra sordi...). Ho la stessa macchina e mi sento di consigliarla, e' ottima, a meta' tra un notebook e un netbook. Peccato che vendi, comunque grazie per il tuo lavoro
  10. l'audio stranamente non va

    E' piuttosto strano che non ti vada, ho una ds3l con alc888 e mi va sia con voodoohda che con legacyhda (con quest'ultimo non mi va la presa microfono frontale, sto cercando di modificare i file per conto mio senza risultato). Visto che vedi gli spinotti nel system profiler il tuo dsdt dovrebbe essere a posto. Problemi di questo genere con l'audio ne ho solo con il kext (la configurazione si vede nel system profiler ma non si sente niente). Il voodoohda non va in /Extra/Extensions a meno di metterci altri due kext per le dipendenze, se lo hai li' non ti si carica, prova a spostarlo nelle Extension "normali" e fai sapere. Per quanto riguarda il legacyhda, probabilmente hai una versione sbagliata, guarda che dentro l' info.plist ci sia 'ALC888' da qualche parte
  11. l'audio stranamente non va

    Devi procurarti un LegacyHDA.kext da mettere in Extra/Extensions oppure il VoodooHDA.kext da mettere nelle Extension di SL.
  12. Snow Leopard non riconosce la tastiera notebook amilo

    Puoi provare il VoodooPS2Controller Sebbene non "dovrebbe" andare con SL qui dice come fare http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,701.0.html
  13. Just to add that following various tutorials on the forum, patching the DSDT.aml and with the standard LegacyHDA kext the sound system works perfectly (also with autodetection of the headphone), unfortunately the front mic is not included in the kext (it works with voodoohda, but with it not all the jacks are working), I'm studying about it but I'm stalled (help highly appreciated..) Frot PWR button in SL works for sleep with the standard hack in dstd. I need only the front mic jack working for the perfect hackintosh...
  14. I have the same mobo and I boot without KP, follow this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180954 Chameleon .431 (not the last one), add a dsmos.kext for SL, patch the dsdt.aml, add the voodoohda for SL and it's done... (running for 2 days without KP)