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  1. Hi, I am having problems with sleep on my H67N - it goes to sleep but cannot be woken from the keyboard. The only way it can be woken up is by pressing the power button, but then I only get a black screen. Also, I get occasional random freezes when the SSD light is flashing repeatedly as if it is writing something to the disk. I already have vit9696 patch to disable ALPM but wondering if there is anything else that can be done pls? Latest runme output attached... Thanks! Send me Nicks-Mac-mini.zip
  2. This works great thanks. My only issue now is that it is no longer detecting my internal SATA Samsung hard disk. Any idea what the issue might be pls?
  3. Hi Mald0n, can you create a patched DSDT for me pls? I am hoping to solve various system lock ups and USB / graphics glitches. I have included my vanilla orig folder in the archive as otherwise you will get my clover auto patched version. Thank you! Send me Nicks-Mac-mini.zip