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  1. Same here. No mouse problem from it though.
  2. AMD 780g/9800gtx+ Driver Help

    Reinstall it however you had it to where it was booting but very slowly. The slow booting is likely caused by that darned SB700 southbridge judging by what you've described. OS X out of the box of an average Hack disc will fail to recognize it, and if by a miracle it does install, it uses a generic kext that permits your hard drive to read and write at a blazingly fast 3 MB/s. That'll put a crimp in your (Hack's) side in the way of performance, especially if your computer is lacking in RAM and trying to put out QE for your video card (which arguably means more data-swapping, which means more hard drive use...you get the picture). Once you get it in an operating condition (slow-as-molasses is better than nothing), THEN install the kexts you linked to in your post and they should help with the boot time. Good luck.
  3. Sounds like a Kernel Panic where the actual message doesn't quite get there before it freezes entirely. Had those happen to me before from other circumstances. Can you verify nothing is overheating? Even OS X can crash from overheating hardware. That's all I can really suspect unless it's ruled out.
  4. World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    Maybe one of you guys can help me out. Just got a 3650 card today. Works awesome-QE, CI, everything but the kitchen sink works and works well. Except for the WoW installer. You know, the little Installer.app dragon icon. I double-click it and nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. The trial works fine (and smoothly, so this rules out video problems), but the full program won't start to install. Apparently the install app is a PowerPC application. I believe this is why I can't get it to run. I'm on an AMD machine so perhaps Rosetta's saying "nuh-uh-uh!" to my setup. *shrug* Here's the specs as of today. AMD Athlon X2 5000+ GA-MA78GM-S2H 1GB RAM SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 3650 (512 MB DDR2) WMP300N Wireless
  5. AMD64 64-bit OSX

    Voodoo kernel should get you going. Just started supporting 64 bit recently and is the first on AMD to do so.
  6. I tried this kext just now and had it b0rk my video for some reason. Bootup time is also way slower, or so I can tell for no video. Luckily for me though, I could get in -s fine and immediately tossed it. Sorry I didn't get a debug or whatnot on it, but here's my specs. AMD Athlon X2 5000+ GA-MA78GM-S2H 10.5.5 Oh well, guess my computer will have to run "Hot N' Loud" a bit longer.
  7. itunes movie problems

    Maybe iTunes doesn't like your video card? See if Coverflow is working on it ok and it's just movies. I, on the other hand, get no Coverflow in iTunes, but videos play just fine.
  8. Thanks to the guy the other day who helped me resove my ASU woes. So my 10.5.5 purrs like a kitten unless... I turn something on! If I turn my HP PSC 1510 on, Voodoo will Kernel Panic, while the standard Kalyway AMD kernel (sleep 9.2) has no problems with it but runs more slowly. And if the printer is left on while OS X boots, it KPs at the blue screen during startup with Voodoo (again, np in sleep). I haven't tried the printer since 10.5.5, fearing it will do the same thing again. However, whileago I turned my speakers on and it KP'd again! I was thinking it could be because I need to update my System.kext to 9.5. But I'm a little worried after reinstalling a bunch of times that if I update the System.kext and it fails or doesn't do the trick, I won't have the sleep kernel to fall back to. Any suggestions before I risk it with the 9.5 System.kext? I'd stick with the sleep kernel but it's *much* slower on my AMD.
  9. Removing CPUID checks and decrypting OSX binaries

    Well all I can give you is a good-luck wish, but... IMO, the voodoo kernel doesn't make this irrelevant. Unless the kernel literally permanently patches every CPUID it runs into on-the-fly, this on-the-fly conversion's going to cause a noticeable performance hit. Or maybe I don't know quite enough about the very kernel I'm using ATM. In which case, never mind me, good luck anyway.
  10. I have the same problem and know why. Front Row requires QE/CI, so unless you get your card to support it (via a driver, an injector, or other means), you're only going to have a black screen with Front Row.
  11. AMD Software Update 0.5 Lockups

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try that and see if it helps.
  12. Updating Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.3

    Google for "Carbon Copy Cloner". You can make disk images with it. Alternatively, you could use Disk Utility from your installation disc to make a restorable disk image, though I'm not as sure of its effectiveness. As for the prohibited thing coming up in 10.5.3, I'll let someone more knowledgeable answer the "why" as I'm not exactly an old hand at OSX86. That being said, have you tried booting in Safe Mode in 10.5.3? Or using update -v at the Darwin prompt? If I read right, you have to do that after installing the Kalyway update for it to work.
  13. So I've been trying to update my Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.5 using Zephyroth's AMD Software Update, as I read this method works for those using Kalyway on AMD. However, I'm having a problem that hosed my install the first time I tried updating with it. While it's downloading, or extracting the package, or even installing the package, the progress bar stops moving. Sure, it does that wave effect and the program itself doesn't seem to be hung up, yet the progress bar sits. And sits. And sits. And there it will stay no matter how long you leave the computer alone. The only way that bar does anything is to close the program and start over. It did this while I was updating Quicktime awhile back, but I set it to modify only and after a couple more tries it produced a working modified package that installed just fine. I forgot about this little quirk when I attempted to install 10.5.5. And unfortunately, it did this in the middle of installing and hosed Leopard. Lesson learned, I reinstalled and am trying to get ASU to build the modified 10.5.5. No go. I found a "modified" update online, but it's not a combo update and so would hose my install yet again. I'm on my fifth try with ASU, and now the progress bar stopped again in the middle of extracting. What's even more frustrating is it has to download the 600 meg update EVERY time with no way I know of to make it use the already downloaded package. I had a bright idea and was going to try using Marvin's AMD Utility after installing the un-modded update...it borked my USB in the process. Reinstalled again. So here I sit, staring at this hopeless ASU, asking...what do I do to get an AMD-friendly Combo Update? Offer free ham sandwiches, popcorn, or cookies? Can anyone help with this? Pretty please? I just might send you some popcorn for trying!
  14. 10.5.2 kalyway problem

    Do you get this message when booting the drive after installing, or while you're booting from the disc? I don't think the OS version is a factor unless your machine is aging. However, some versions of 10.5.2 don't play well with some computers. You might have to try iAtkos or Leo4All rather than Kalyway. You should also find out the components in your laptop, as this will also help solve issues with installing.
  15. What are your specs? I don't have that problem and I don't even have CI/QE. (And are you using a widescreen monitor? The quality takes a hit when you're playing videos in a fullscreen resolution desktop on a widescreen monitor, sadly. The only solution there is to get the video card supported. )