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  1. t41p display problem

    i have 10.4.6 with 10.4.7 update installed on my ibm t41p. when i change the screen resolution via com.apple.boot.plist from 1024x768 to native 1400x1050 everything seems to be ok after reboot but i have lots of mouse artefacts and wenn i move a window or scroll it turns flurry blue and the content is unreadable... any tips or tricks?
  2. updating 10.4.5 to 10.4.6?

    yes i do have intel cpu but i don't understand some points in your thread...what is Se****a Update ?????
  3. updating 10.4.5 to 10.4.6?

    so i can't use the jas 10.4.6 install dvd to upgrade my system to 10.4.6?
  4. updating 10.4.5 to 10.4.6?

    what do i need to update my running 10.4.5 to 10.4.6? the jas 10.4.6 install dvd or something different? is 10.4.6. better or much more stable or do you guys think not to touch a running 10.4.5?
  5. many many thanks!!! that solved the problem, everything is fine now!!! ;-) ;-)
  6. it works with keyboard and with no usb mouse plugged into usb port? how??
  7. Front Row without USB mouse

    this did not answer the question altough he still needs an usb mouse connected to the computer... i think he wants to use front row without the need of a usb mouse connected (dongled) to his computer... i want just the same because i don't want to have a mouse always connected to my thinkpad... any more hints or tips?
  8. try to edit the info.plist with plist edit pro... as i tried it with textedit , it didn't work...with plist edit pro everything works fine
  9. ok now front row works! ;-) but...i'm using thinkpad t41p and i don't have a mouse always connected to my notebook...how can i use front row without the mouse?
  10. problems booting from dvd

    when i try to boot (install) from the install dvd (10.4.4/4.5 patched bootable from pirate bay) i always get the error that com.apple.boot.plist is missing and it aborts booting.. the dvd is correct because it worked w/o problems on my thinkpad t41... anyone with the same problems?
  11. use what? what is mouse expose? where can i get it? tried to find that in google, but couldn't find any...
  12. hi there has anybody solved the problem that at a resolution of 1400x1050x32 windows don't repaint when window scrolls or is repositioned on IBM thinkpad t41p with ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL T2 ? i can only use 1280x1024 and at that resolution everything is a little bit blurry and fuzzy...
  13. i tried it a few hours ago, but after installation osx hangs at the step before starting gui...last thing i can see is the string with airport and mac adress... i tried to update prebindings again, used disk utility from the install dvd, but still hangs.. my osx died and i had to reinstall :-(
  14. installing 10.4.5 on t41?

    ok , this worked for me... but i have problems with graphics adapter (ati mobility 7500) when i change screen resolution from 1024x768 to a higher one the system is quite slow and no aqua effects in dashboard, just fragments... does anyoneknow how to fix this?
  15. 10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    just downloaded it yesterday, installed it today, works :-) but graphic is slow and i don't know how to get my ati mobility 7500 working correctly...does anyone know how?