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  1. El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    Hi, the laptop is running in UEFI Mode. AptioFix is required, otherwise booting stops. Can't tell you the difference, whether AptioFix2 additionally is loaded or not. In both cases the laptop is running but after awaking the fan spins at maximum. The only thing i can observe is, that after the screen is available, it takes 3-4 seconds until the fan starts spinning. My vaio came with W8 too. Do not have this problem with W8 (uefi) and W7 (legacy).
  2. El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    Hi, it sucks me. the fan doesn't spin down after awaking from sleep. At win7 no problem. Any idea where to begin to solve the bawling fan prob? regards
  3. El Capitan UEFI Clover on Sony Vaio S

    hello, my problem is, that after awaking from sleep the fan turns at maximum speed :-( Only a reboot solve this problem. Any Idea? SVE14A2X1EH regards and merry christmas
  4. Sony VAIO S 2012 ML Success! (Ivy i5, HD 4000)

    Hi all can you please explain the first steps in detail... I always stuck getting the HDD booting... "no operating system found" How do you partition the and so on... Best regards
  5. Hi nhart12 frist off all, thx to your thread installing osx to your zenbook which gives me the inspiration to do this on my samsung series 5, np530u4c-s01 it's nearly the same hardware, except display resolution, additional graphics chip (gt 620) and dvd-rw. concerning your thread, I'am proud to get my ultrabook working, ML 10.8.2, but with some constraints. main constraints are appleusbxhci and applehdacontroller. can you give me some inspiration about my probs. do you have had the same probs about appleusbxhsi and applehdacontroller if you start up. best regards P.s. get hd4000 working, gt620 no. usb only if stick is pluged during boot. no sound.....
  6. hi, i'am a little bit confused... can anybody tell me how to log the boot sequence to get a file like boot.txt? regards
  7. Leopard su Sony Vaio Nr11/s

    Hi I install iatkos v1r2. But the same as all other installations. White screen..... Get it only work when I delete the GMAX3100 kext. Resolution the is 800x600 Can you PM how you installed iatkos. Options etc. ..... to get gmax3100 with 1200x800 work. Many thx in advance
  8. Leopard su Sony Vaio Nr11/s

    @xxXSalvo Didi you get the internal graphics with gmax3100 and resolution 1200x800 working? If so, can you please tell me how! Soory I don't speack italien. Best regards
  9. Auflösung der x3100 manuell eintragen

    was hat das hier mit DSDT zu tun ? Gruß
  10. Auflösung der x3100 manuell eintragen

    Hi ich nehm an dass du die alle GMAX3100 Treiber installiert hast. Wenn die bei mir drin sind bleibt er hängen. Ich kann nur im VESA-Mode (also alle Treiber gelöscht) booten. Welche Installation hast du verwendet? Kaly.., Leo4All, IAktos oder....? Gruß
  11. Auflösung der x3100 manuell eintragen

    Hi, Frage zu SwitchRes. Wie schaffst du es 1280x800 einzustellen? SwitchRes biete mir unter Custom nicht 1280x800 an. Lediglich 1280x960. Habe einen VGN-NR11Z und die gleichen Probs wie du. Gruß
  12. Update fehlgeschlagen

    Hallo mit dieser Methode sollte es problemlos funktionien. Hab es selbst mehrfach praktiziert. Gruß
  13. laptopdisplay.kext

    OLA and many thx.
  14. LaptopDisplay

    Any link where to download this kext ????? Thx