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  1. yes i am. Sorry, I forgot the obligatory, "IT WORKS" screenshot. here it goes.
  2. OKAY. I finally fixed the issue, and was able to get back to having dual displays on my 9800GT, one with DVI-->HDMI, and one with VGA. I have attached the files that I used, just move all of the Extensions to /S/L/E/, and the Framework to /S/L/Frameworks. Also enclosed is my Extra folder so that you can see how the com.apple.Boot.plist file is to be setup. Enjoy! -Nick http://rapidshare.com/files/431696510/DualDisplay9800GT.zip
  3. add me to the list of those who the 8800 rom stopped working for as well. same behavior as before now. annoying! anyone have a solution?
  4. I have no graphics strings, and i have no dsdt.aml. I am using the gigabyte mac edition bios that someone created. any idea?
  5. come to think of it, trying this rom trick, i am having the same issue getting it to actually load. it still says "internal" in there for me as well. anyone have any idea why?
  6. I just purchased a GT 220, and am unable to get it working. what did you do to get it to work?
  7. do you recommend extracting my own bios to use that, rather than using the supplied 8800 bios? because using the 8800 bios is not working for me.
  8. hey all, I am currently running an EVGA 9800 GT with 512mb of VRAM on the chameleon bootloader, and it is pretty much an entirely vanilla system. I need to be able to use the HDMI port on the back of this card, as well as the DVI port. Has anyone been able to get these to work on this card? it worked in 10.6.0, but on 10.6.3 it does not. Does the bios from the 8800gt work with my card? thanks for the help!
  9. i am using the kernel that came with the installer found at http://www.macdotnub.info/downloads.php. I believe it is the netkas kernel.
  10. Wow... im so glad that these kexts helped so many people... im happy to give back to the community that helped me get OS X running on my Thinkpad. Enjoy everyone, and happy modding!
  11. Hello all, i ran DiskWarrior on a volume that had corrupted files on it, but DiskWarrior also wiped out my MBR. Is there any way to restore the MBR, namely the Darwin bootloader, after running DiskWarrior on a Hackintosh bootable drive? Thanks all in advance!
  12. Diskwarrior Warning

    so how do i restore the mbr? i have the same problem
  13. So how do you restore the bootloader after running diskwarrior on a booting drive in a hackintosh? i ran diskwarrior and now osx wont boot... also, is there a way to repair in diskwarrior without touching the "boot blocks" ??
  14. dcpumanager for me causes a kernel panic... any ideas? im running a thinkpad t60 with 10.4.9 and 8.9.1.,
  15. Thinkpad running HOT! Help?

    i already did this, and i got no change in temperature