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    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    I agree,... it's not a bad choice but to play with a Mac it's really another staff. Consider that without anythink plugged on my Mac but just my midi usb keyboard, I can do everithink without any latency and with beautifull sounds... Just plug you keyboard and play soon..! Beautifull world ..! Ciao.
  2. viciov

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    All, I've just bought a new iMac 24''.... After 10 minutes... I've plugged in my evolution midi keyboard and that's it !!! I'm playing in garageband .... after 1 Gb of updates downloaded in 13 minutes... (this pc is really fast also in internet..).. without any latency and beautifull sounds... I'd say you all.... please save your time and go into the new fantastic world of Mac !!! Thanks... APPLE .... Thanks...for your reallly good job !!! Ciao.
  3. Hi Guys, After many trials ... since I've no more time.... Yesterday I've just bought an iMac 24'' .... only one word I can say now: " It's Fantastic !! "; I suggest you all to buy one if you can and spend your time to improve by testing this OS.... I'm proud to be a new entry the beautifull apple world..! Take it easy ! Ciao.
  4. viciov

    M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    Hi, I'm really new on this site.. I'm try to see how Leopard works just because I heard anywhere that is the best OS to play and create music.. ! Currently I use WinXP and cubase... and it's ok but all my friends use Mac. So I've an outdated PC... but it's enough to play music.: ASUS P4P800 ATI 9600 PRO 1 Gb RAM PENTIUM 4 2,6 GHz AUDIOPHILE 2496 Roland RD 300 GX, Evolution MIDI MK-361C, Cubase, Pianoteq 2.2... I tried many DVD from torrents.. finally I solved the rebooting problem, just after the darwin scrolling lines..., by using the Toh Leopard 2Rc distro... it works ... but: 3Com onboard ethernet card doesn't work and much important think... my audiophile is not recognized. Then, since I don't want to change the PC just for the audioboard and moreover before trying how a Mac run, please send me an email if you have any ideas or solution.... I'll be waiting and searching meanwhile... Thanks in advance and Ciao.