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  1. Could a OSXBox360 happen?

    So by way of actualy getting mac os to run we would be talking about replacing the rom chip (pretty safe bet that's what it boots from) and telling it to point to some place on the disk where we put the chainloader for our mac os, right? lets hope there are not too many great (read; crazy) Microsoft Inovations TM (read; copy protection) Thanks for all the replies a beleave you all have valid points but the power 5 processor and the ati gpu seemed the perfect fit, just with someone would try and post a report or some thing... C'mon a $700 G5.
  2. Hypothetically given that OSX runs on ibm chips and the xbox360 has a processor that is not too much different to a Power 5 chip, and the gpu is an 'r500' ati chip, so im thinking radeon X1 somthing. Hacks are out to boot copied cd's and more illigal stuff. So... What would be the hurldes in hypothetically installing osx on my hypothetical 360?
  3. Hi all, found this little piece drifting on an old java script:emoticon('', 'smid_13') site it might be interesting... hmm at a second glance... ill let you make your own mind(s) up. http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/OSX/quartz_extreme_PCI_mod.html#5 Does anyone know if this is the case with intell versions or if this even still applies, what about PCI ect.