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  1. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Hi all, does anyone have any idea why the DV6500 does not respond at all to this install?
  2. Thank you surroundfan! the above procedure works fine. What I did: after installing the 10.6.4 update, the 10.6.3 installer patch was applied. I then installed the above kexts and the EEE Box runs fine..
  3. iATKOS S3 is released!

    HI All, blank screen after install on my HP DV6500 Series Laptop. Any ideas or fixes? Thanks
  4. **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    Hi All, I have the DV6000 (6512) to be exact. I have yet to find a decent sleepenabler for it. When the sleep is selected, It will not wake. the standby blinking led stays on. The buttons are still lit up. Has any manged to get this HP laptop to sleep properly? If so, could you please show me the link to the kext thanks!. thankyou.
  5. Hi Eshroom, Thanks for the kext pack. One stupid question I have... How do you install the themes? Thanks again!
  6. Hi fotopolis , I have a similar laptop to yours, I think my sleepenabler is not working because I installed the update first, i can't remember now. When I sleep the laptop it still shows all of the quickplay lights and only the red light for the mute volume button. Is there a specific sleepenabler kext for the DV6000 series or is the one on Meklort's blog used universally? Regards cyclone76.