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    Installing Osx86 on a custom PC

    Hi! I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my Dell XPS 710, have some small problems, network stops working after large transfers of files, if I'm running with all 4 cores, but if I'm booting with CPUS=1, then it works fine. Working on this, have tried a lot of NIC's but the same problem on all of them, think it's not the NIC itself, something else is not "working" as it should, timers or buffers... I've replaced the sound card to an old Creative soundblaster 128 card, the X-Fi sound card (delivered with my XPS) is not supported as far as I know, don't think it'll ever be. I've a modded DSDT for CMOS reset and some other fixes, don't remember all of them, but the most important one is for the CMOS reset. You'll need some kext's for NForce MB, this is a list of the current kext's I'm using 102 19 Sep 2009 AHCIPortInjector.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 AppleNForceATA.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 ApplePS2Controller.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 NullCPUPowerManagement.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 OpenHaltRestart.kext 102 19 Sep 2009 PlatformUUID.kext 102 18 Apr 23:15 fakesmc.kext Installation was made with a 8GB USB-stick, with the kext-files above Snow Leopard retail 10.6 DVD and Chameleon RC4 installed as boot-loader on the USB-stick. Search google to find guides for making a bootable USB-stick. About the RAID, remove the raid config in BIOS and set the drives to single drives, then it'll work.
  2. t0mpa

    XPS 710 Install

    This might still be useful for somebody. I use iATKOS 5i (previously I was using 4i). The only problem I have is that sometimes network stops working if I'm running with all 4 cores enabled. If I start with cpus=1 it works fine. This might be a good start for the options for iATKOS 5i: Press F8 during boot and start with the options: cpus=1 -v -iATKOS 5i Main System -PCI EFI v9 -AppleDecrypt -SMBIOS EFI -9.5.0 Kernel Voodoo -Stock ACPI modified -OHR -Graphics Update -NVKush -nForce SATA You will need to download kext for Broadcom 5751 (search google) My system: XPS 710 Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 4 GB RAM Broadcom 5751 NetXtreme nForce 570 SLi nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768 MB
  3. Checked with a VGA Adapter to external monitor today, the same pattern shows up... :-( Probably GPU then... or might it still be some other component?
  4. Thank you, I've checked that and it's more than 3 years old and not in the series (my starts with CK536xxxxxx). Is there anyone who has seen this kind of pattern like the attached image? Actually I've replaced all 1800uF capacitors cause one looked suspect, but still the same pattern.Might it be the GPU that’s broken or any other part? The computer works fine besides the strange graphics pattern.
  5. I have a problem with the display of an iMac G5 20". It shows up as vertical lines of small squares. If I change screen resolution, the display will look ok for about half a second, and then it comes back again. Anyone had seen this before? (This is does not look like the usual problem with iMac and thin vertical lines.) Any ideas?