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  1. need help with osx

    just like topic description.. i get random crashes for no reason.... i got my resolution up, network workin, sound so far everythin i can think of... but sometimes its choopy and it crashes please help me.. any tips i can do for smoother os?
  2. how do i do that??? sorry for being such a n00b... but thanks anyway
  3. how do i access "com.apple.Boot.plist"

    ok, while im there (forget the question about the hexeditor..) were can i put in the resolution i want?
  4. first question is in the topic titile and the 2nd question is how do i install a program with out the hexeditor opening up the file?
  5. AC97 sound help

    nope... and for some reason, i NEVER got my onboard audio to work...
  6. right now im stuck on 1024x768 and it sucks... please help me
  7. AC97 sound help

    for some reason on my bios, there is no "ENABLE" just AUTO and DISABLE.... so i disconnected my sound card and left it on AUTO... this is really pissin me off i'll probably just buy that usb audio adapter from turtle beach
  8. AC97 sound help

    so are you saying i should disconect my soundcard, then in bios switch from AUTO to ENABLE?
  9. im trying 2 install wmp on osx and i downloaded it and a .bin file came out, i dont kno how to install it please help
  10. AC97 sound help

    i have chaintech vnf4 ultra.... so far i got the sound icon and in sound options it says AC97 audio in output or w/e but still no sound.. i tried playing a song and switching the plugs but nothing
  11. AC97 sound help

    i never really enabled it in the bios setup... so i guess i have to try that... EDIT:: i checked my BIOS and its always been enabled... i dont understand whats wrong
  12. how do you install or apply .kext?

    im gonna go try it again in a few
  13. AC97 sound help

    my onboard audio doesnt even work on windows... what should i do to trouble shoot and get it workin?
  14. AC97 sound help

    yea... i think the problem might be that my onboard audio NEVER worked to begin with... maybe i should try downloading new drivers for it or something
  15. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833338001