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  1. Help, I can't download the new "Chameleon 2.2 svn". Error: You do not have access to this section of the site. I can download any of the other files. Thanks Spruce
  2. Wasted hours with ati 5670 -please help!

    My Sapphire 5670 works on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 as well as Lion, no special steps required, drivers are included in SL 10.6.7, 10.6.8 and Lion Spruce
  3. BootCDMaker

    Boot CD Maker 1.6 --- It Just Works! Pleasure to use ...Thanks Spruce
  4. I have been doing some experimental installs trying to get around the "Install Failed" errors that some of us are experiencing. I can install with the"STLVNUB USB Installer to any of the drives i have tested ( USB, IDE and SATA ) with no errors. With the latest CD Bootloaders from this Forum and retail Snow Leopard i can install to USB and IDE drives with no errors but SATA drive produce the "Install Failed" error. I am wondering if this is a motherboard problem or what is wrong with my SATA bus. Bus is set to AHCI in bios. Havin fun Spruce
  5. BootCDMaker

    Yes, that is better, did a clean install using IDE DVD drive on jmicron controller. Have one small problem, when i get to "Disk Utility" one of my sata drives don't show. It is an older 80 WD drive, i have switched sata ports but makes no difference. Must be missing kext. Good work Trauma, much appreciated. Edit: Got rid of that old 80 gb test drive, Boot CD helped install SL Retail perfectly on SATA replacement, no "Install Failed" errors. Very nice indeed. Spruce
  6. BootCDMaker

    Looks very good but i cannot get any files copied to the 'extra" folder. I am running it from the desktop on a SL install, have tried copy paste,drag and drop, and keyboard shortcut for paste. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Looking forward to testing new package.
  8. Success Hi STLVNUB, I tested your latest package and was very pleased to get complete install on my Asus P5B motherboard, no "failed to complete install errors" as i had been getting with other install methods. Booted using new bootloader and installed the vanilla version of ChameleonRC3 on new Snow Leo install partition, everything looks great. Good work and many thanks.
  9. My snow Leopard install has no "bless" command. No bless command found
  10. Dial Up Modem on osx86

    HI All, I picked up a Hayes Accura 56K serial modem on ebay, works fine on my MacWin box. It is a bit slower than my winmodem but gets the job done, hummm slower than slow.... Not much 2.7 verses 2.9 all the best, spruce