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  1. For the OP, I'd say yes and no. Yes only for those tech people silly enough to waste money on a logo and no for those of us that don't fall prey to the pretty logo. I grew up on Apple OS Classic. I started using Windows around the end of 98's life. I dabble with Linux. For myself, now that I've gotten hardware (i7 for my main setup) and with the hard work provided of many individuals here, I run OS X on all my machines now. I purposefully worked a little harder to get it installed on an older netbook just to take around for fun. One of the things I love is the shock and awe of people when they realize it is OS X and not a "Mac". I'm the person that will never pay for the Apple logo again until Apple starts to recognize my rights as a consumer and to quit screwing me over in the money department. I encourage anyone with the ability, if they are even considering buying an Apple Logo'ed PC to go the 86x route. My next trip home I'm replacing OS X on the PC I built for my mother (who can install Windows on her own). If I know a person couldn't handle installing the OS but I make sure that they know they are wasting money instead of just learning (it is sad how many people shun the idea of using their tiny, tiny brains). So if Apple's goal is possibly close to the OP, I'm the consumer that breaks that goal for them.
  2. New Viruses for Mac

    HA! Hahahahahaha! By the matrix, you might be a kindred human. Don't be an idiot is a line I love to use and it really sums up many issues like this. I also have not used any type of Anti-Virus stuff for Windows in years. Never have had a problem, and I keep track of the inner workings of Windows because of all the security problems that could happen. All it takes is "don't click the link/open the app/or click YES" to pretty much null and void most mal-code attacks. The list goes on and on of course. I do like the fact that OS X was too obscure for most mal-code programmers to bother with but I guess, as it should be assumed as OS X grows in use, it won't be the case forever. I'd wager the average Mac user doesn't have a clue about things like this and since many are accustomed to not having to "worry" -which is somewhat foolish, nothing is perfect- scams like this could take a heavy toll. The bad part for anyone that isn't the average user, this could mean bad things. Apple doesn't already like users having control over the software users buy and this could prompt Apple to inflict more control and restrictions on how we use OS X.
  3. I'm kinda in the same boat with you there. I use both Windows and OS X. I dabble with Linux but I don't have much of a use for it. When it comes to the GUI both main OSes have strong points and weak points. Neither OS is better than the other, in my usage schemes that is. The one main thing I give with OS X is the menu bar. Now it isn't perfect, not by a long shot but I like menus always in one spot when apps using the same type of menus labels are used. What would be better is if the menu would, for dual screens, move between the two screens, depending on where the active window is housed, but that is because I dual screen. lol Apple restricts more than it should and MS doesn't restrict where it should. lol Personally, for OS X I use FinderPop to make the most of my system and on Windows I use QTTabbar. In the end, I just say everyone should learn to use it all and problems go away! lol
  4. And here I thought, by common assessment from apple fanatics, that apple hardware/software does not have problems. Things are perfect right out of the factory and Apple doesn't screw up! lol Any time that support stuff is upgraded and is better, I am all for it!
  5. Introduce yourself.

    Well, I've not posted all that much really, just been mostly lurking for 98% of the time. I don't have quite the post count to let me continue posting now, so hmm...be I guess that I will be here to show you who be I am. Don't really need help or info at the moment. Have my i7 system up and running along with an older AMD system working as a media center (going to be replaced). Then I just added to the mix a used HP Mini 1035NR I picked up on the real dirt cheap. All retail, no distro. Finally had to do dsdt stuff to get the netbook working but ALL WORKS on the netbook, so that is fantastic! Other than that, ya, I just be me. Opinionated me.
  6. Microsoft Vs Apple

    It goes back to "it should just work" mentality. Something, I really can't stand when it comes to computer. 99% of the time, things "just work" but it promotes no learning (something a majority of consumers don't like to do). So when people come here, they expect the same thing, and like you said, leave disappointed. As long as you don't update first thing, and give the main people writing the drivers/software to do all this, I'd wager maintaining a PC with acceptable parts is rather easy. It is more when the parts are not so acceptable that one runs into problems. This is even more true, because the software we all use to run all this, is being made with the idea that updates hopefully shouldn't break things. I started out in all this just to see what I could get working. Other than the netbook being a slight pain, the main desktop and the media center were/are rather easy. The AMD system was actually easier than my Intel system. lol Pop in the one modCD from NC, let it do all its stuff and I was done! I didn't even pretend to know if the parts would work, I just tried! lol I would agree, I'm probably above average on those things, but I've still got plenty to learn myself! lol
  7. Microsoft Vs Apple

    If the parts are acceptable parts, maintaining OS X on PC without the Apple logo is next to easy. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can handle it. This is mainly because of the few higher up peoples that are really smart in all this jazz. The main bulk of the OSX86 community already have the basic computer knowledge to handle it. The problem with the people lacking even the basics is that they generally do not have the hardware that is acceptable enough to run OS X AND they don't want to take the time to learn how to do stuff. People just want things "to work" and yet have hardware that doesn't allow that to happen. lol For one, a generalization doesn't apply to EVERYONE. That wouldn't be logical. But it can be shown, just go out and talk to the average Mac/iDevice user, and you will find, generally, they know next to nothing about technology. It isn't that they are "Stupid" in general, just tech stupid. Apple tries to make their customers feel like they actually know something with the way they market, the way they describe and term things, etc, etc, etc. The problem with having something with no learning curve at all is that a person actually doesn't learn ANYTHING, they just use and consume. Even one of my best friends, Apple everything, thinks she is all that and tech wise and yet, refused to fully accept I was running OS X on my computer until I pulled out the retail disk and did a restore of my backup image and I had to explain to her, in simple terms, how the hardware is the same. There is nothing "special or magical" with her Macbook Pro. It is just another OEM PC Laptop under a brand name and logo. Of course you will have the "less techie" but that is different that being technologically ignorant. Throw me on a distro of linux and I'd be way less techie than with OS X or Windows BUT I still have the basic computer knowledge and the drive to learn more. It isn't like I sit down on Linux and look around all confused because all I know how to do with computers is use the iOS/OS X (or another other combination of OSes there). Personally, hand me a tablet like the iPad that can run Windows7 and I'll make that thing very touch friendly and provide an excellent experience. Most people just want things to work out of the box. I say no room with 5 guys (or chicks) can create the perfect experience for me. So if Windows does come with a newer tablet version, I'm sure the merging would be even better! But I'll take the time to fix the problems of an OS (all three major ones have problems, this is including OS X). I kinda can't wait to see what is brought out!
  8. Microsoft Vs Apple

    Well that kinda depends. I've had quite a few debates when it comes to "experience" in reference to technology. When it comes to the iOS, my experience is worse than anyone who just needs a dumbed down OS to so the can twitter that they just took a large poo. My biggest problem with the mobile oses and the arm chipset is that my software that I use on a daily basis can not be replaced by a dumbed down, mobile app to run on the arm chipset. I want the iPad, but I want it runnning real hardware and a real OS. Back to the mobile experience, just the very fact that with WinMo6.x, I can customize and make my device EXACTLY as I need it, makes it a better user experience than Android (next version is rumored to removed a lot of GUI customization) and the iOS even though WinMo, all around, generally blows. Gramda Marge might be fine with a locked down, walled garden experience, but others are not. I do expect to see Windows to find some type of newer tablet version, but really, with my experiences so far, Windows itself, is already touch friendly to a point and that can be easilly maximized with simple tweaks and some free software (that are very resources light). Then add to the fact, combine a specialized (and better) windows tablet version with the Padd formfactor, no mobile OS can touch it. The biggest problem with the technology industry is that the majority of the people buying things are technology stupid. Apple people tend to be just as stupid (or dumber) but Apple (with their marketing and subtle manipulation) has many of those users THINKING they are technology competent, when they are not. Most complaints (when coming from the "experience" avenue) come from the technologically stupid. Experience is a very, very subjective thing. My dreams of a quality Padd device, running a full OS will be out soon enough. lol
  9. Steve Jobs on Bill Gates

    Brilliant or possibly just in the right place at the right time and all without the moral fiber to be able to run their businesses ethically. Yes, they have both done quite a bit but at the same time, one has to look at what harm both of these men have done to the industry. Gates wins his lawsuit claiming that we don't actually "own" our software, games, movies, etc..because of licensing. You have Jobs with his walled gardens, closed systems and almost "godlike" status among his worshipers helping to created walled garden systems as an acceptable thing. Why one has to actually WONDER, how these guys, especially Gates made so much money? It is simply because Digital doesn't work like all other products out there in the world. That means you can sell one single product over and over till get get to almost 100% profit margin line while having almost no cost to create a second copy of that product. This means doing the work once and getting paid over and over and over and over while at the same time restricting and circumventing laws that product consumer rights. Both these men set examples that have been followed and twisted even further by others. Now don't get me wrong, much has been done by their own work alone but anymore and for many years now, the "real work" is done by the people that WORK for these two men. They are the unsung hero's here. Sorry for my rant. lol Many times, especially when reading the back and forth quotes between these two guys, it just seems so shallow and hypocritical.
  10. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    Tabs in Finder, native. I use tabs in Windows Explorer, Dolphin (Linux) and Finder and Windows and OS X it is a 3rd Party addon. Regular file browsing is so slow without tabs. Between them all, the Windows Explorer with tabs is the fastest but the software has a lot of features and it is free! I'd prefer to see this than any gesture {censored}. The Magic Trackpad would be a nice secondary touch device, but really, any touchscreen device should be able to replicate the functionality of that trackpad.
  11. OS X 10.7 is Lion

    This very much could be the beginning of the end. The zealot like Apple fanatics that I've dealt with (who claim I had all things Apple, lol) like to call Apple products "appliances". That means no modding, no changing, no customization...you have absolutely no control over what you bought. I've been waiting for the App store for the Mac to happen for a long time, and the only reason they don't restrict where you will get software for YET is because OS X is a desktop OS and desktop OSes for the most part have been open platforms. Because of this, there would be a backlash. All we have to do is give it a few years and I expect to see the Mac Store the ONLY place one will be able to get their software. Maybe not with Lion but with the next OS after that. Apple has enough "dull bob" consumers to out number the rest of us by 100 fold. Apple could easily accommodate people like us, but they don't want to. They have no need to because if we step aside, 10 more people will take our place. Hence why the Global Market killed the Free Market. Hell, it doesn't even matter what the laws say either. The FFC says jailbreaking is legal but the "contract" you get from Apple overrides the law because the courts deem it a "negotiated, personal contract". This is why, Danielmramos, touting the end of physical media is a bad thing in our society right now. There is only really ONE company that treats consumers right when it comes to digital works. That is Stardock. The rest, are just predatory, arrogant, greedy business people that care nothing about our rights and only care about their overly insane large profit margins. The physical medium is that has kept businesses from enacting these ways years ago, they couldn't control the product once it was shipped to the retail store. Today, that is no longer the case. We've seen how Steve Jobs reacts to things. We have read his words and seen how he thinks. He might not hate us all "personally" but I'm sure he does think we are immoral, unethical people because we use OS X on the same PC hardware they sell, just without the "Logo & Apple Tax". Steve Jobs has forgotten his roots and the fact that his ENTIRE FAME AND FORTUNE is because at one time, he would be doing exactly the same thing as we are doing here today. Nothing bad, wrong, and only marginally illegal because of over reaching laws enacted by specific industries to protect their profit margins. When it comes to Lion itself, there isn't really anything that I see that I would need or use. Even if I went out and bought a magic mouse or track pad, the features added so far are rather meh. It seems that most of what Apple is producing software-wise is just something a middle aged, yuppie housewife would use while she sips her wine in the middle of the afternoon because she has nothing else to do. Things that easily impress those on the lower end of the tech knowledge scale but do not much else. Though, one more prediction, at some later date, I don't expect anyone being able to get the Mac OS via a disk. It might be with Lion and the Mac Store that you won't be able to get the standalone DMG updates either. I just don't understand why Apple dislikes us so much. We either spend money on the OS, thus allows us to BUY MORE SOFTWARE (like from the app stores) than have us not buy anything at all. I say, in many ways, it is a disservice to the shareholders. lol Maybe it is the fact that we know there is no such thing as a "PC vs Mac". Mac's are just OEM Apple PC's, no different than if you buy a PC from any OEM vendor (I always build my own, lol).