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  1. First tries

    Lack of FakeSMC.kext or not loaded
  2. First tries

    I installed ML with 10.7 method, using Chameleon 1820. 1819 didn't work. I started with Chameleon on an USB Key with DSDT/org.chameleon.boot.plist as MP3.1, and booted single user. Mac OS X Base System was on another USB Stick with FakeSMC in. I installed FakeSMC.kext and exit Mac OS X BaseSystem started and went till the end. FakeSMC in S/L/E, all went right and login after reboot. 10.8 woke up ! QE/CI/AUDIO/BT/WiFi/LAN = OK AppleHDA+LegacyHDA+HDAEnabler 885/889a RealtekRTL81xx PXHCD All kexts in S/L/E with Kext Utility for Lion 2.5.0b. UseKernelCache=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  3. HACKINT0SH mac mini

    ZOTAC H55MAT-A-E (Intel H55 Express) - Micro ATX Mais WiFi+BT par clé USB! ou ça: MSI H55M-ED55 WIFI MicroATX - socket LGA 1156 - DDR3 (H55M-ED55 WIFI)
  4. Try to delete or rename (best) /System/Library/SystemConfiguration or copy the 10.6.7's one after renaming the 10.7 one.
  5. XPC 0.83.05 is working, as is, without ANY DSDT, adding some kexts in "EFI/XPC/extra_kext/common" , nearly"OTB" for me ( only AppleHDA from 10.6.7) with last update, 64Bits. I think, after using alternatively Chameleons 3,4,5..., PC_EFI... etc, that's the best. PC_EFI is the best for choosing between Mac 10.7 and Win 7 or Win 2008 server.
  6. LegacyHDA, HDAEnabler, AppleHDA from 10.6.6, all in S/L/E....chown, chmod... DiskUtility. Same for FakeSMC Installation with WorkingXPC on an USB Key, 2 Partitions on 200GB HD, 1 20GB, 1 175GB.On the 1st, Lion image restored with earlier described method. I changed /S/L/SystemConfiguration in /S/L/SystemConfiguration.bak for removing extreme slowwwwwwwwlyness in System responding! I transferred with System Migration Assistant my progs from 10.6.6, all working. All PPC Based progs definitively not working. No more Rosetta in Lion!
  7. Lion working on GA-EP45-DQ6, Linksys BCM4318 WiFi, NV GF-8800GTS QE-CI , onboard ALC889b all workin 64bits.
  8. Probleme gigalan sur G31M-ES2L & SL 10.6.4

    essaie celui ci AtherosL1cEthernet.kext AtherosL1cEthernet.kext.zip
  9. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    For Intel i3 M 330 you have to type at the boot: busratio=16 NOT 20 and -v if you want
  10. Liste de portables Hackintsoh?

    J'ai installe un retail DVD 10.5.4 sur Toshiba Qosmio X300-126 avec Chameleon 2.0RC1 et VoodoHDA pour le son(E/S) Fonctionne super bien, Garageband fonctionnel ++ , m.a.j 10.5.7 sur site Appl. Video QE/CI supporté.réseau ethernet OK Seul l'habituel WiFi(Intel 5100) n'est pas trouvé, mais il y a pleins de possibilités en USB, no problemo!
  11. Salut à Tous, Voilà ma config qui marche bien sauf 'Bonjour' (Bug en cours de patch chez EFIX)
  12. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    Hi all, My Son owns a Toshiba X300-11N whose sound chip is ALC272. Is there anybody who knows about this new chip, It let HDMI plug with sound pass through. Thanks for advance,
  13. My Son bought a Toshiba Qosmio X300-11N , the top for gamers! With 2 Samsung 7400rpm HDs on the rig. I decided to test OSX on it, i finally booted it with Boot132 with NVKush in the boot. OSX 10.5.4 went well till reboot. It worked!!! Specs are : Centrino2(last Intel one)2.53Hhz, ICH9, 4Gigs RAM,NVidia 9800mGTX(All resolutions but without QE,CI)Realtek ALC 272 HDAudio(not working),Realtek 8169 Lan working OOB,Trackpad not working. Waiting for NVidia and sound drivers...
  14. Installation help on M570RU

    http://######.com/osx86search/resul...p;sa=Search#894 maybe it could help you? cordialement
  15. iATKOS V4i

    Je l'ai installé sur mon Shuttle sur un disk externe USB et a part nvinject qu'il faut remplacer par nvkush tout fonctionne.