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  1. I would bet that AIM isn't Intel yet. Probably an issue with rosetta. That being said, AIM sucks. Hardcore. Get Adium http://adiumx.com/
  2. That's not how I see it. I enable both cores when I use windows. But as I see it right now I can either use OSX or not. If that means disabling a core (which I spent a WHOLE $50 on (over the price of an identical 6000)) then so be it. I can now atleast code in TextMate and I'm working on a php install.
  3. Not a single crash yet. I spend most of my time in OS X too with Apache, MySQL and TextMate. Only 'problem' is hard drive space. You can never guess how much you'll need. After Dev tools, I have 500 MB left. I've been cheating aready too. I installed fink and darwinports moved both of the /sw and /opt directories to /Volumes/USERS/opt etc, then did a symbolic link. Only problems: No sound, Can't close the lid, can't do any updates (atleast the 1 security update I tried caused boot problems). You do have to give a little and disable the duo core. And on the windows sides of things, I can't hibernate because I didn't leave enough hard drive space. Alas I only have a 40 gig, ideally I might buy a 60 gig, give OS X 10, windows 10 and then have a 35GB users partition.
  4. All the different installs weren't due just to my bootloader problems. I wasn't thinking and ran the security update, which made it lock up on boot, plus some other small things.
  5. dell 6400, review wanted

    Disable Duo Core in the BIOS, no stability issues.
  6. Well. I've had all weekend to 'perfect' my E1505 setup. Synopsis: Dual Boot. XP/OS X 10.4.5. Common Users Partition. 6 GB hfs+ OSX Partition 5 GB NTFS Windows XP Partition 25 GB FAT32 Users Partition 4 GB of marketing fluff -------------------------- 40 GB HD 1.5GB RAM. 1.66 gHz duo Processor (reports as 1.8 gHz) Dual Booting using Acronis Disk Director Suite 10. I attemted 3 times to uninstall it and use the Darwin boot loader, each time it left my XP partition unuseable. I even attemted a recovery 'fixmbr' which just screwed up my entire drive. (This is the 5th or so time I installed XP and 4 or 5 on OS X, experimentation is fun!) I used the piratebay 10.4.5 install DVD: "osx86 10.4.4, 10.4.5 prepatched Install DVD" 10.4.5 update selected, AMD disabled. XBench comparing Native and Rosetta: http://db.xbench.com/merge.xhtml?doc1=163815&doc2=163817 By playing with the registry and symbolic links, the XP and OSX installations share the same Desktop, Documents Folder, and Firefox profile (this is pretty cool). - Working: Video Card Airport Ethernet most of the time Not Working: Sleep (even just closing the screen) Ethernet sometimes Sound