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  1. Hi, could anyone adise me a working wlan card for my expresscard slot which i can use on 10.5.7 and 10.6 Best regards risker
  2. iATKOS v7 with Acer 7730G

    Hey, would you please tell me which kexts you used? greetings
  3. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hey Guys, i'm currently using an Acer 7730G - Centrino 2 Book. I just got Jas OSX86 10.5.4 and tried to install it. The installation was done well, my keyboard was working, all was good. BUt after i booted the finished install of Mac OS X, it is telling me, that there is no keyboard present.. Maybe i used the wrong kexts? Is there anyone who installed a OS X on a Centrino 2 Book? Or should i try leo4all,kalyway or something else... I read about a boot disc which simulates an EFI Boot Environment, so i theoretically just have to put in a standard leopard dvd, has anyone tried this yet? I think there are almost the same components like the 7720G, except of the CPU,Graphiccard.. Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 2GHz 3GB RAM 320GB HDD Nvidia 9600M-GT Please help me ;-)
  4. haha...i got the same problem...if it ever will be so simple it worked!
  5. Hi Folks, i bought a new Laptop from Acer with Centrino 2. Is there a compability with the Hackintosh / Kalaway or else version? Best regards, risker