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  1. I finally got around to updating my machine from 10.12.4 to 10.12.5. I had updated a couple of others already and had no issues, so I expected this to go smoothly, but not to be... Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k Memory: 16GB Video: Nvidia Quadro K2000 Clover --- Feel free to skip to the end/solution, I'm realizing this tale may not be as interesting as I thought as I type it, but I've gone this far --- I have used the same Clover config and hardware for a number of years with almost zero issues. After the update, the machine restarted, but part way through the boot process (Apple logo + progress bar), the screen would go black and there would be no video. I could boot in safe mode, so I made sure the update installed properly, which it did. Tried a few more reboots with same results. I updated Clover, since I had not done so in quite some time, but no luck. Also tried a number of different Clover options, installed the Nvidia web drivers and still the same behavior. There were no issues booting into Windows. I then dug out an older video card (GT 240) and swapped out my Quadro. That booted ok. Then I put both in together with one monitor connected to each. The machine booted, but only the monitor on the GT 240 worked. In System Information, I could see the Quadro listed and all of the specs looked fine, but no monitor was shown connected. Somehow the machine was recognizing the Quadro, but not any of the outputs. After monkeying around some more (NVCAP, and some other things), I tried a different SMBIOS model (from iMac12,1 to MacPro5,1) in the Clover boot screen. That booted fine! So I thought I finally had the fix. I updated my Clover config to MacPro5,1 (keeping my serial number, board ID and board serial number) and restarted. Back to the blank screen. After more messing around, I found that if I go into the SMBIOS config during Clover boot and edit the model field, just pressing enter twice (but not actually change anything), it would boot fine. So forcing Clover to react to the change caused a successful boot. Seemed that it needed to do something with the SMBIOS information, not just load it from the config. Next order of business, I removed the entire SMBIOS section of my Clover config and restarted and the machine booted fine. I added only the 3 fields back, left the rest blank and restarted; black screen again. --- end/solution --- I re-edited my config.plist, removing the board ID from my original config and got my Quadro back working again. Letting Clover auto-generate that (if it is indeed needed) has been reliable so far (possibly better? Seems sleep/wake/restart is a little faster now...). It has been so long that I had been using the same SMBIOS info (with success), it took me a long time to question and start changing those parameters. It is unclear to me why, after so many updates and rebuilds, 10.12.5 had an issue with the board ID, though. I hope this may help folks looking for answers after the 10.12.5 update (or maybe others).
  2. crunchly

    Video card opinions

    Thanks to both of you for the feedback. I am going to keep reading about the fixes for these card and probably pull the trigger soon. I actually feel more comfortable with the tweaks needed to get these to work with native drivers than to rely on Nvidia to continue to provide drivers for products they don't really support (on macos). Thanks again!
  3. crunchly

    Video card opinions

    Hi all, I've been using various nVidia cards in my hacks for some time, but I am ready for a new card after giving my GTX 660 to my son. I'm relatively familiar with the Geforce options, but would be interested in what AMD cards folks have and how happy they are. My budget is a little limited, but I can probably swing most AMD cards, as most look to be available either new or used/refurbished in my price range. Some cards I was looking at are the RX 480, R9 Fury/Fury X and R9 390/X, but I am not sold on any in particular. I've tried to do some research and am familiar with some of the caveats of AMD (or Clover + AMD?) at the moment (helper card for boot video, possible edits to enable compute units...). If it helps, the card will go into a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH/3770k currently running 10.11.6, but will probably update to 10.12.x sometime soon. If any kind folks here would mind providing the card they are running and whether it has been stable, performs well and whether they are generally happy with their choice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! crunchly
  4. crunchly

    USB issue when waking from sleep

    Having the same issue with my Gigabyte board (GA-Z77X-UP4 TH), no issues on Mavericks, but same behavior on Yosemite. Was thinking it was my keyboard, since I purchased it shortly before upgrading to 10.10, but seems I may not be the only one. Did you have any luck finding a solution?
  5. crunchly

    Ati Radeon x1300 (0x7146): How to enable Quartz Extrme ?

    I am using the same card and I got it working with no mods to the kext, only an EFI string. Full QE/CI.
  6. crunchly

    ATI X1300 with Snow Leopard

    I'm trying to get an ATI X1300 PCIe card running on my newly installed Snow Leopard. It was working fine under 10.5.2-10.5.7. When I boot with the vanilla install of SL, the machine hangs trying to load ATI1300Controller.kext. Without that kext, it boots to finder, but System Profiler doesn't recognize the card. Strange thing though, ATIRadeonX1000 and ATISupport are both loaded, which I wouldn't have thought would be the case. Tried EFI string and evoenabler and neither worked (although when evoenabler was installed, SP showed the card as a 4890! wouldn't that be nice ) I was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with this card and what you did to get it to work. Thanks Edit: No luck with Natit, same hanging as when ATI1300Controller is enabled
  7. Are you sure you have no option in BIOS to change your Onboard Video Buffer? It was under my Integrated Devices section. If you are not on the latest, you may want to upgrade your BIOS. Although I have a different model Dell (with the same video chipset), after changing it from 1MB to 8MB, everything worked fine. I did a quick Google search and it seems that at least one other owner of a 510m had an option for an 8MB video buffer.