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  1. Core 2 E7200

    I have a e7300 which is the same proc, just slightly different speed.. anyways I can't seem to get OSX to see the CPU as a core 2 duo, only unknown! I'm running kalyway 10.5.2 install, with the kalyway 10.5.3 updater, and the apple 10.5.4 upgrade. It's also using the vanilla kernel.. anyways if anyone could help me with this that would be awesome!
  2. @Mysticus C* Just because they are using "off-the-shelf" hardware, does not mean that customers have an unalienable right to do whatever they want. I've said my opinion before, but based on the previous courts rulings in similar cases, I'm thinking Apple may loose. And if Apple looses, they WILL close things down and prevent others like us from hacking it all together. It's their software, and it's their right. No one not even the courts can take that away. Sure we can all have 10.5.4 on our machines from now until hell freezes over, but we could loose all abilities to update, forever. As far as other hardware companies making compatible hardware and what not, I'm sure for a fee any company can pay to license the development tools to make hardware for a Mac. But your CPU and mobo will always be from Apple.
  3. So Apple's folly is that they let any joe-schmoe off the street who may or may not have a mac buy Apple software. If they make it so the total solution is only provided like a total solution, like Nokia, or Motorola, or PalmOS, or the software in my TI-83... So here's what I think will end up happening. Apple will stop selling their software "retail" and will only sell their software online, where you have to enter a valid serial number for a compatible peice of hardware. Then you have to register after installation with your serial number, and your transaction number online. If things don't match up perfectly, or a system check shows your serial number is not the same as what you entered for the purchase, you're {censored}-outta-luck! That way Apple will not be required to uphold anti-competitive laws reguarding the "fair-Use" of retail software. I'm really not an Apple Fan-Boy I know this because I only own 1 real apple computer and one iPhone, but I have 7 PCs in my house!
  4. Look guys... I'm a VERY long time Apple user; I grew up on an Apple IIgs at home, and a //e at kindergarten! I'm not an Apple "fan-Boy" either! As I type I'm on my main computer which is a Windows-XP system! Anyways the way I see it is apple has been grandfathered into modern computers Remember the Atari ST, or the Amiga? They all had their own OS which could only run on their own system. Apple was there too, along with IBM (IBM-DOS a.k.a. MS-DOS) They were all " Total Solutions Providers" They had the whole package, just go to whom you think would best suite your needs, and bang you've got the whole kit and kaboddle! That's the way Apple always has been, and that's the way Apple will be. It's THEIR hardware it's THEIR right! If you don't like it, don't do business with them! Who cares what's under the hood of an Apple? Does it really matter? It's the total system solution that you get from apple that matters! Also Apple goes through extensive testing, research, and design for their hardware, to ensure longevity and reliability, so their specs may not be as impressive as you're top-notch gaming rig, sooooooooooo? That's the way apple has always been! What we're doing with our hackintoshs is illegal! We justify in different ways! I own a G4 PowerMac, and I only use my hackintosh when I'm not using the G4… Not the best justification, but we all have our own… If someone made an iPhone-clone, and ran the Apple iPhone software on it that would be illegal. Why? Because apple is a total systems provider, there is ZERO room for openness, and as such, they can do whatever the hell they want. With OS like Windows, Linux, BeOS, and others you have your computer and it's your choice. If one of the software companies made it so you didn't have a choice, and forced you to use theirs (Microsoft) then you have a problem. With MacOS-X you have Apple's computer, running Apple's hardware. Don't like it? Don't buy a Mac! They aren't preventing you from having a computer, they aren't preventing you from choosing what OS to put on your computer, and they aren't preventing you from owning a Mac! They are preventing you from using their software on your hardware. And rightly they should be allowed to do that. The worst case scenario is that Apple and Intel will get together and go bowling! They will make proprietary hardware, and close the system up again. It's their right! Do you guys remember PowerComputing? Apple has the right to choose what markets to sell its software, Remember free market? Apple will not respond with kindness. They will devise (or maybe there is an underlying system already in place) to close the whole thing up tighter than a new inmate's behind on his first night in prison! Either way I've got 10.5.4 on my G4, and if all goes south, I've still got leo running legit. Love it or leave it!
  5. Cmedia 8738

    Alright I tried a different sound-card. This time I used a CMI8738/PCI-6CH chip instead of the CMI8738/PCI-SX chip. It seems to not have any problems from a cold boot now. Not ethernet connection issues.
  6. Cmedia 8738

    I've installed the 10.5 version on my system with a ECS 945GCT-M/1333 mobo (IDT audio not working/disabled). Anyways the system seems to work great, but... on a cold start-up the network does not work, and when I watch youtube in full screen some times when I go back into regular mode there is a kernel panic and the system asks me to push the reset button... Anyways any help would be great in this issue. Oh by the way I used kext helper to install Maybe there is something more I need to do?
  7. Hey there I could sure use these files too, anyone with the proper set I would be very appreciative!
  8. So this is my system: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Socket 754) Asus K8V-X MoBo V(IA K8T800 Cipset) eVGA 6800 w/128MB AGP 1.5GB DDR RAM 250GB WD SATA HDD Teac DVD-ROM/CR-R/RW (PATA) Viewsonic LCD (Hooked up via VGA/RGB) USB Keyboard & Mouse I'm not dual-booting the entire drive is formatted HFS+ The exact string is: dsmos: Initializing... dsmos: Hook and decryption contexts set! dsmos: Starting... dsmos: 6 23:42:25 localhost fseventsd{42}: log dir: /.fseventsd getting new uuid: E192F685-27D0-4924-824D-1F0F3BA5FF75 unknown SIGSEGV code 0 An then the system hangs there! The hard drive even spins down! So I'm not exactly sure whats going on there. What is going on? I installed correctly I think, but maybe there is something more that I need to do. I would really love any help anyone could give me. - Vid
  9. Hanging on reboot

    Which AMD patch did you forget to install? I'm getting the same problem.