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    [SOLVED] iCloud and Facetime not working

    I'm using the EX58-UD5 and I can not for the life of me get iCloud to work. Looking at the IORegistryExplorer my network devices are showing up as built it. I've tried all the various fixes here on InsanelyMac: Used champlist.app, deleted network config files/restarted. Havent modified DSDT (since my network is showing up as built in, nor do I know what to add/modify) I continue to always get "This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account." I do have an account on iPhone.
  2. Seemed to solved my own issue. I disabled AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext. This thing is a dream now! Super weird though... before disabling the kext I could actually hear my hard drive reading/writing when moving things around the screen... it was almost as if it was caching graphics/display to the hard drive?
  3. I'm running OSX Lion on an EX58-UD5. With SL I added my Quadro FX 580 with EFI strings and it worked beautifully, QE was detected and graphics performance was the best I've ever had. Now with the Lion install, GraphicsEnabler=Yes detects my card, but performance is sluggish. Launchpad is the worst with what looks like 5fps when sliding between screens and opening folders/groups. Playing 1080p movie trailers is choppy when other items are on screen, but when switching to full screen it plays smooth as silk. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas?
  4. I've done a clean install though, moving sleepenabler to the repository, then running DDs script. It wouldn't be compiled into extensions.mkext. Correct?
  5. Yeah, all my bios settings are fine... 10.6.1 ran great. 10.6.2 is giving the KP
  6. Having KP issues, Upgraded to 10.6.2, removed sleepenabler according to another post by DD... KP Screenshot
  7. DD, Script worked perfect. Used /Extras with RC3. Also finally got my Quadro FX 580 card working thanks to aquamacs guides. Success! You guys rock. A
  8. vintageawv

    Driver for Quadro 580?

    I've read some people having results, but I cant seem to get QE working. I have a QuadroFX 580.
  9. I meant to say "tried all of the fixes" I'm just bummed that I cant boot, no big deal though! I love what DD has done, in the meantime I'll just go back to 10.5.8... its time for a fresh install anyway. I'm sure DD 4.0 script will mature in the coming weeks.
  10. I've been having many problems as well. I upgraded my 10.5.7 to 10.6, used the new script, and havent been able to boot since. KP or just hanging... Will usually hang at Dont_Steal_Mac_OS_X.kext. Tired all of the fixes/steps here on the forum... Chameleon, EFI, /Extras, S/L/E... Obvioulsy bumbed, will have to reinstall 10.5, and then install all my apps again :/ A
  11. How would one go about migrating from Wolfienuke's script to DD's keeping their current install intact? I've been getting kernel panics since the 10.5.7 update and wondering if switching to DD's method would help? Thanks Andy
  12. Mattrb, It's been a while since I've visited this post. I've had my EX58-UD5 up and running using Wolf's method since Jan with no probs, but Im always willing to tinker Digital Dreamer continues to update his install, and I now see that there is a new vanilla kernel (9.7) and new Chameleon 2.0. In your opinion, if I were to go DD's route, would my system run better? From your quote above it looks easy to upgrade to this method.. though I would hate to F something up :/ Andy
  13. DigitalDreamer, Using the EFI Partition method, would I just replace the current voodoo kernal 9.5 with 9.6 and re run wolf's script?
  14. Digital_Dreamer, Apologies for my noobiness. After some trial and error I solved my problem, though I don't think I really did anything. All of my settings were correct in the bios, that's why i was initially troubled by the "root device" error. I simply restarted my machine and then it booted up fine. Though this time the -v showed much more happening, more things being loaded, etc. Again, troubled.. but its working. Everything is working great now, and couldnt be happier. My last question... Why havent you guys made a tutorial thread for the GA-EX58-UD5? Searching for this thread takes for ever using the search function of this site. Great work guys! Andrew
  15. After trying this method (v3), I still receive "waiting for root" when rebooting and trying to start for the first time.