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  1. It works on my Intel d975xbx2, only if I eject my firewire HD otherwise I get kernel panic during shutdown. Screen goes black but fans and power light is still on. Leopard is more sensitive to PCI cards and anything that is plugged in. If you are using original kernel unplug all the extras and see if you can shutdown. If you are not using amy PCI cards or external HD than this method doesn't work. Take care Jojon
  2. I can boot to ICH7 ok but when i move same HD to Marvel controller in -V mode it starts to load I can see all the kext load ok but then after dsmos and nvinject message about my graphics card and network card it displays waiting for boot device forever (this is in the middle of the OS X boot up). So it is active until the moment it needs to load login window.app. I can't explain it. EFI is fine I can boot up on ICH7 but I can't see disks on marvel controller. When I use ACHI mode in bios I can't sometimes boot up in ICH7 so I use IDE mode. take care Jojon
  3. Yes it strange BJ, My drive is connected directly I am not using esata enclosure. It seems that Leopard install dvd doesn't see the marvel controller and I can't install OS. When I move my Leopard HD from ICH-7 it doesn't boot in -V mode it's stuck waiting for boot device. Thanks for your help if you have some more ideas don't hesitate to let me know. Take care Jojon
  4. Hi BJ, I read your post in another tread explaining hot to add EFI boot-loader to GUID partition and how to install the retail Leopard DVD. Installation went perfect and after many hours of working out hot to install EFI and make GUID partition active my Leopard HD booted up. I only changed few kext extensions and patched the sound. I am using same processor as you and our setup is almost identical. Problem I am having is that my Marvel sata controllers are not recognized. In Tiger i don't have a problem I can boot up from Marvel controller and other HD are as fast as on Intel sata buss. We talked in another tread long time ago, when you had a problem with Marvel controller and esata. I tried various thing 1.TOH Leopard Disk don't recognize any drives on Marvel controller. Tried many kexts but no Luck 2. Kalyway DVD don't recognize any drives on Marvel controller. Tried many kexts but no Luck I have latest bios on mine BX2 and I really need Marvel controller to work. Do you have any advice please? Thank you for great posts and tutorials regarding BX2 board. Leopard is so quick running vanila kernel and sata performance is impressive. Take care Jojon
  5. 10.4.10 v1.0 vs 10.4.10 v1.1

    New update 10.4.10 1.1 includes audio update that is supposed to solve audio noise from headphone output on some MacBook Pro computers, other thing are the same as 10.4.10 update. hope this helps Pedja
  6. Intel D975XBX2 works great. Check this tread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry419433 Take care Jojon
  7. Black Box around selected object

    You are welcome Take care Jojon
  8. Black Box around selected object

    Hi Miriad Firstly it's easy to fix go into System preferences select universal access and deselect VoiceOver to OFF. Hope this helps Let me know if this sorts your problem out. Take care Jojon
  9. Hi just a little update, I built Hackintosh system with Bad axe 2 Intel Core2Quad 4 x 2.66GHz (I overclocked it little bit to match Mac Pro 2.66) 2gb of ram Crucial performance ram 800MHz 8 x 400GB hard drives (Marvel port working don't ask me why I don't know, it didn't work at first but when I initialised drives all working) EVGA 7900 GS overclocked edition dual monitor support using Natit dual 2 Sound patched with Taruga 1.15 patcher + STAC9274D_83847621.txt pioneer DVR-112 All in original G5 enclosure from ebay sleep works, screen saver just like real Mac. Performance is dream come true. FCP 6 is more that stable and it works better than on my G5 quad that will go to ebay soon. I am using HD footage from Sony Z-1 and this Hackintosh is editing HD footage like it is SD (DV) footage. No crash since I build it and I can just say that this is more stable than G5 quad that was top not so long ago. I took my Hackintosh to the friend of mine that is running Mac Pro 2.66GHz with radeon x1900xt so we can see how they perform against each other. To cut the story short Hackintosh is same if not little bit faster than basic Mac Pro setup even with x1900xt what made me even happier as I was planing to buy Mac Pro. If you want to edit dv or hdv I am recommending this setup due to high component compatibility and great performance for money invested. This however is not Mac so if you work professionally and need future operating systems compatibility than the only way is Real Mac. Hope this helps Thanks for starting this great topic Take care Jojon
  10. Audio driver for Intel D975XBX2

    Thanks BJMosse Regards Jojon
  11. Hi I can't get my audio to work on Intel D975XBX2. Anybody with this board has sound, codec is (sigmatel 9274D). Please help Thanks in advance Jojon
  12. I am Using Intel D975XBX2
  13. Hi Guys, I built my new hackintosh using same components. One question, how can I select the drive to boot without going into bios. On my asrock hackintosh I just pressed f11 and I was able to choose hard drive to boot. I can't find this option on BAD AXE 2. I hope I don't need to go through bios every-time. Hope someone with BAD AXE 2 can help Take care Jojon
  14. XBox camera fully compatible with osx read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_Live_Vision
  15. It's latest card for Intel Mac Pro Ati Radeon x1900xt and nvidia 7300gt non Power PC version