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  1. No I went straight to mountain lion. I booted using unibest guide and booting with PCIRootUID=0
  2. is there anyone who can help with this issue?
  3. I have mountain Lion running and everything works except i can not connect Projector to Nvidia Card My Hardware: Asus P6t Deluxe V2 Geforce 9800 GTX+ 512mb i920 As soon as i connect my projector to card the system freezes up and if i rebot with projector pluged in it loads up system but insted of coming to log in page it shows gray background with nothing on it. Can some one please help to get rid of this problem. What i am trying to achieve is have Monitor pluged into main DVI port and have projector pluged into second DVI port so that i can use projector as extended display. Thank you in advanced.
  4. thanks. so does any one have any other solution?
  5. hi dgobe: remember i asked you about NTFS-3G does not work on this 64 bit kernal so i tried Tuxera NTFS 2010.1 and i still have the problem mounting drive. Can you please help me how to get rid of the problem. When i run SL in 32 bit the Tuxera NTFS works like a charm but its pain to keep changing com.apple.Boot every time i want to save something to ntfs drive. so can you please help me to fix this problem Thanks
  6. thanks a lot dgobe i will buy the commercial product so that i should not have any problem right?
  7. guys i can not thank you enough for this guide. this is the most easiest and simple guide to get put SL on pc. so thank you very very much all of you guys. Just a one question: I am running this with second hard drive with windows 7. My question is how come NTFS-3G does not work on on the SL. I think its because we are running 64 bit kext. so is there a way around it so that i can run NTFS-3G? The main purpose for me to run NTFS-3G so that I can read and Write on Windows Hard drive from Snow Leopard. so can some one please help me out with this problem thanks ok i think it was more than one question sorry about that
  8. Thanks dude it worked. One more question is there a way to hide one of the partition showing on boot loader screen?
  9. I have simple questions: How come My Chemeleon does not boot automatically one of the OS after few seconds? What files I have to change in order to do that ? And what program I have to use to edit that file and what chnges I have to make? Thank You guys all of you. You guys are the best and I can always trust on your work.
  10. hi guys i just found one prob in my installation: I followed the step from 1st post to install video card (9800 gtx+). When i hook up my projector to my computer via vga adapter and pick mirror my computer monitor to projector it only shows display on my projector, and my monitor screen goes black and i can only see mouse pointer on monitor. It shows fine display on projector. Every thing works fine with extended desktop view: both display are showing fine. does any one have same problem as me? does any one has fix for this?
  11. Thanks for the update. so your saying that if i have a nvidia card with snow leopard than I don't need to update is that correct?
  12. hi dgobe, if you don't mind I just wanted to know when r u planning to write step by step for dual boot win 7 and SL from same drive (GPT). I wanted to know this so that i can decide to buy another hard driver or not because i am dual booting right now with one internal (with window 7) and one external drive (with SL and chameleon boot loader) . If it is less than a month than i will wait or if its more than that then i am just going to buy it now and late when you come out with step by step i will use it as Raid 1
  13. Thank you guys, especially dgobe and wziard you guys were big help to me and now I have excellent working snow leopard. I just want to know following things for future reference: 1. Can I update the os x 10.6 to 10.6.1 and if i can are there any specific steps i need to take? 2. Is it possible to dual boot SL and Windows 7 from same drive but different partition? the main question in this question can windows 7 be installed on partition that has Guid Partition Table (GPT)? Thank you guys in advance
  14. hi dgobe i tried what you said in reply but it gave me following erro when i boot with -s and when i let it boot on its on it get stuck at apple logo with loading cursor
  15. Thank you for the quick reply i will try this later tonight when i get of the work