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  1. Steam on mac?

    I've read some things about darwin en wine which can run windows programs on the Apple THE MAC!!!!! n0ob. 0.o
  2. Medieval Total War Cider Help

    Any help will be extremely appreciated!
  3. Call of Duty 4

    That happens to me on my RTW port. (on a MacBook).
  4. Everything is going amazing, I have installed the game via Crossover. I'm having trouble with cider I get the error on launch: "Cannot find the file -language 44" Any idea's what's wrong? Cheers, Casee EDIT: Here is my result in terminal (ignore WineEngInit FreeType the game is 100% GUI so it has no need for text). err:font:WineEngInit FreeType support is not compiled in to wine, some font functionality will be disabled. err:task:GetThreadQueue16 Breaking 16 bit for tid 2 err:task:GetThreadQueue16 Breaking 16 bit for tid 2
  5. Since you obviously speak English it may be wise to post images in English as its the dominant language of not only the internet, but also on this section of the forums. Good luck, can't help, no good in Spanish? (or Catalan?). =\
  6. Under Utilities in the installer you went to Disk Utility and chose your entire HD, ex. 149.1 GB ST3160021A is mine and went to Partition and partitioned the drive as a Mac OS Extended (Journaled if you please)? You have to install Mac OS X on a Mac OS HTFS+ partition as I described above or it will not detect the HD.
  7. I have AMD64 nVIDIA Networking Controller Ethernet and cannot get it to work for OS X 10.5.2, I installed forcedeth but it sort of works. When I am "connected" I get a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx ip address. Anyone have this problem or solution?
  8. I am wondering what version of Leopard I need to install to use Mac on a compaq presario sr1820nx (mine has 1.5gb of RAM), I was wondering if I need any kexts to use the Internet/Audio too, the one thing I MUST have is internet though, if I can't use internet on OS X I can't install it on this PC.
  9. Lets make the Studio 15 a Hackintosh!

    If I wasn't going to be getting a MacBook soon, I'd buy a Studio 15.
  10. Leopard on Compaq CQ50

    I'm pretty sure the Network card is supported by Jasc. I'd suggest installing OS X 10.4.11 Jasc AMD/Intel.
  11. Install OSx86 on Flash Drive

    8gigs for Leopard, and 6 for Tiger.
  12. Can't find hard drive in the installaion

    Did you go to Utilities->Disk Manager and format the hard drive to a mac os x journaled partition?
  13. Dell Precision M6300 and OSX ?

    I've installed OS X 10.4.8 on my Desktop, but there was no networking, I used Jasc 10.4.8 AMD/Intel.
  14. G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    Thanks, I hope this will work.