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  1. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    I have a Dell M4400 and have the same issues NO touchpad sucks.. if I even touch mine its goes nutz
  2. I have a Dell Precision M4400 Nothing I do makes my Trackpad work correctly if you touch the pad at all my pointer goes all over the screen doing random things.. Any Ideas? Is there a fix?
  3. I can never get my touchpad to work correctly or get QE working with my Fx-770M Video
  4. Dell M4400 Touchpad Driver?

    Anyone Know why My Touchpad doesnt work ? when I even touch the mouse pointers just go all over the screeen
  5. I got everything working but My Touchpad Goes nuts if I touch it.. mouse goes everywhere what driver do we use to get the Touchpad to work on the Dell Precision M4400 thanks
  6. Ok.. UPDATE.. bios A13 is the problem DO NOT INSTALL IT. it updates the bios for intel video.. I went back to A12 and I got video now.. but how can I get it to work at 1680x1050 ? I am stuck at 1024x768
  7. I forgot to mention I am using D830 with the A13 Bios, IatkosV4 with X3100 No matter what I do after I install the X3100 drivers when I reboot I get the Black Screen
  8. Ok, I got installed, had to switch back to IDE mode.. but I cannot Get Video To work Unless I plug in a External Monitor.. what do I have to do to get my internal LCD to work without a External Monitor being plugged in??
  9. i am also having issues with my d830 with x3100 video using ikatosv4 it inistalled and ive been folowing the guide when i reboot i get it just hangs same as other users here is a pic http://www.imagesforme.com/out.php/i110201_034.jpg so i rebootedf and choose -v and it hangs and says Still waiting for root device HELP
  10. realtek ALC269 driver

    Is there a driver for realtek ALC269 using 10.5.4 ?
  11. Eee PC 1000H And Leopard Driver Issues

    this will get wireless working! http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/..._2008_03_13.dmg
  12. Well,I have Leopard 10.5.4 install I have everything working Except Audio anyone know if there are ALC6628 Drivers out there for audio?