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  1. Ugh so close to getting it working. It installed on Dell Latitude E6500, but when I reboot without DVD I get "operating system not found". I found the following posts on another site (link) with the same issue + solution. He mentions he solves it by booting with "darwin.iso" (?) and another poster confirms he solved the same issue. Can anyone point me in the directions of obtaining the darwin.iso file? I've searched these forums and google and I've been unsuccesfull. I thought it was supposed to be in the VMware tools package so I downloaded and extracted the vmwaretools for ubuntu and couldn't find it. Any pointers would be appriciated. Cheers ------- update ---------- Fixed! I downloaded the "Original/Generic" boot-132 iso from this thread here Booted the VM from that ISO, I then had to select which disc I wanted (80 primary, 81 secondary HD etc). Choosed 80, and then I could enter my normall booting params. I used "-v -f busratio=31 cpus=1" (the same as I used for installing). After that you'll get a big blob of text messages and about 2minutes later I was finalizing my setup
  2. What I did for my acer aspire 3693 is the following: backup your extension folder with OSX86Tools Update using the standard "software update" On reboot I used -v -f yet I got stuck on the blue screen just before it shows the desktop I inserted the iPC dvd and used the terminal from there to delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext rebooted again with -v -f and got to the desktop. Next I rebooted using -x so I would have a working keyboard to type in the root password while using OSX86Tools to restore my backed up kext files. Did Repair diskpermissions and touch extensions folder using OSX86Tools and then rebooted into normal mode (no boot options) Everything worked again out of the box, this is: Keyboard & Touchpad Wireless and 'wired' NIC Sound Hope this helps somebody
  3. Thnx for the post man! That atheros driver you posted made both my atheros and broadcom 440 available in the System prefs>Network util. Now I can ditch the usb->ethernet again
  4. justsome

    iPC Networking problem...

    Although I don't know the answer to your network problem, you can install the "single core" patch from the iPC dvd as fix for the boot options.
  5. More clues I've managed to get internet using a usb->ethernet adapter and a driver from here Just like the other interfaces in my first post this one shows up as well in the Network Utility. The difference though is that this one does show up as an interface in the System Preferences>Network tool while the other hardware nic (not wifi) isn't. Any clues how that's possible? An airport interface does show up but I'm unable to turn it on...meh this gets annoying by now
  6. I'll just start right away Setup/environment: - Installed iPC 10.5.6 on acer 3693 laptop - it has a Broadcom 440x 10/100 ethernet card - and a Atheros 5005g wireless card The problems: - both nics show up in the network utility, none work What I did: for normal nic - Installed broadcom 440x kext from out of the IONetworkingFamily.kext in this thread. Fixed permissions by hand (chown/chmod) and did an disk utility fix permission. Result: kextload gives a succes message. Nic is recognized in Network Utility (see attachment), but not working (more on this later) for wifi nic - Installed IO80211Family.kext from here. Fixed the Info.plist of the AirPortAetheros5424.kext using this post. Result: Nic is recognized in Network utility (see attachment), but also not working. - I also tried fixing the interface from en0 to en1 as suggested in this post. Result: improvements Problems: - [normal nic] The network diagnostic tool does not recognize my computer being connected to a network (I checked the cable on my desktop and there are no problems there). - [wifi nic] it is not recognized as an AirPort card. As a mac newcomer I assume this is required to get it working, right? After spending so much time on getting the dual booting fixed and fixing the keyboard I don't want to give up on the network. I feel I'm so close, but after reading so many threads and trying so many different solutions I'm kind of out of clues for the next step. Any suggestions pointers? Cheers -edit- actually attached the attachments now --update-- Got both nic's working by installing the package mentioned in this thread
  7. Being such a {censored} doesn't help. Not everybody knows the answer or looks here everyday..
  8. I have no clue what CI/QE means but I can watch videos fine? Dunno about games haven't tried.
  9. I've send you a private message, check it out
  10. I used the same first thread as you to install 10.5.2. After that I downloaded "JaS OsX86 10.5.3 Intel SSE3 Combo Update + SMB Fix" (google for the torrent). Since I'm running it in vmware I copied it over my network to the desktop of my osx. Double clicking the zip shows you the files. Simply double click the JaS.OsX8610.5.3.Inte.SSE3.pkg. It will show you an installer. Install, reboot (I had to reset the vm) and you're done.
  11. Thanks allot for the tutorial Donk! Everything worked instantly (including internet) . This is using vmware workstation e.x.p.-build-99530 Note: At the end of the installer I had a warning screen from vmware telling me my cpu was disabled and I needed to reboot. This was before I could choose to restart myself. This was the usual message I'd get before rebooting and then it wouldn't work. Eitherway just reset and should work fine \o/ Oh and ofcourse let's not forget to thank JaS for the awesome iso!