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  1. Hello, I recently successfully installed iATKOS S3 (10.6.3) on my desktop system, the specs for those interested are as follows: - GA-X48-DQ6 motherboard - Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz - 8800 GTS 640MB Everything worked out of the box. Good job on iATKOS team. Anyway, about my problem.. I used Migration Assistant to transfer my settings and applications from my Mac Mini to the new desktop, all went smoothly. However, when I tried to sync my iphone with iTunes (OS4), the device was not recognized in the left iTunes panel. I re-installed iTunes 9.2, which allowed me to successfully sync.. I was happy, but then I restarted the system, tried to sync, and nothing! Anyway, it seems that after every restart, iTunes won't sync with the iPhone. And the problem also exists in XCode, the Organizer cannot "see" the iPhone. I followed several steps I found on the internet, including deleting DeviceLink.framework, AppleMobileDevice.kext, re-install iTunes, start iPhone in DFU mode, nothing could fix my problem. When I restarted the system, iTunes would not sync with the device. Only an iTunes re-install can fix it, which of course is not what I want, I can't re-install iTunes everytime I start my computer. Does anyone have ideas / solutions? I think I have tried everything.. Oh by the way, I am running 10.6.4 now, I successfully updated from iATKOS base system, I don't know if that helps. Thanks a bunch Okay, it is fixed. For those interested, if you have the iPhone OS 4 SDK, there is an issue that won't let you sync your device with iTunes or XCode Organizer. Open Software Update, Apple released an update that fixes this issue, it's called "iPhone SDK Compatibility Upgrade". Installed, restarted, works
  2. Alkis Lekakis

    NTFS not mounting

    Yep, you are correct, I noticed last night that if I disabled Paragon, everything worked correctly. Thanks!
  3. Alkis Lekakis

    NTFS not mounting

    Hello, thank you for your reply. My disks are fine after doing the above checks, and I can access them in Windows (one of the two drives is a Windows installation). I noticed that after installing Boot Think or Chameleon v2, it stopped working. How can the boot loader stop the disks from loading?
  4. Alkis Lekakis

    NTFS not mounting

    Hello, all of a sudden, my NTFS partitions stopped being able to mount! I can't even mount them manually from DiskUtil. I tried installing Paragon software, MacFuse with NTFS3G, but nothing works. What could it be? Thanks
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    ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel): now having a working front mic

    @yonika What is the <key> for the Boot.plist?
  6. Alkis Lekakis

    iTunes causes OS crash?

    Update: it crashes while installing XCode, and while installing iPhone SDK, in the same manner. Any help is welcome It's the only thing that's pissing me off in my snow installation.
  7. Alkis Lekakis

    iTunes causes OS crash?

    Hello, I happily installed 10.6 today, fixed video, audio, everything works correctly. The only problem I find is with iTunes, when I try to import my library from an NTFS drive. What it does, is, it starts adding the files to the library, but after a while, it crashes with the Apple "Hold the Power button to restart your computer". I think the problem is related to iTunes, as I've been running the system for more than an hour without iTunes, without crashes. Anyone knows something? Thanks