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  1. Windows 7 is activated legally. Has Boxee installed, Core AVC good media PC. 10.6.2 installed Plex Media server HDMI works for OS X perfectly for Windows 7 as well. Looking to get 250 shipped for this Thanks, Mainecrab
  2. mainecrab

    VMWare Fusion Bridged Networking

    Truthfully parallels desktop is head of VMare right now. You can have acceleration for the VM for Windows and Linux. As well I have no issues with networking and remote desktop to my Windows 7 install
  3. mainecrab

    NVidia GTS250 does work in 10.5.7

    This card has NVidia Drivers for EVGA install this from the hacked ones: http://netkas.org/?p=109 Do not use this in Snow Leopard because it is already has a driver for this card. only 10.5.x
  4. Hey I have this same board. Sound works with DSDT and legacy kext in the E/E Folder instead of VoodoHDA which to be sucks on this board as it is hit or miss if it will even work. I have audio working perfect. I will get home and attach my DSDT and kext for audo. Just have to remote voodoohda and put back vanilla applehda. I have not touched anything on the install of SL itself expect modbin kernel and PCI 10.4 for graphics injection. Good thing is I finally have it working without being all hacked up, updates and new supported CPU kernel will be a breeze because all the actuall SL installation wont be touched.
  5. Well now I will be able to run a Vanilla kernel nice. Wonder when new kernel will be out or someone with a new mac can post the kernel
  6. Just use the modbin version 7 kernel. It takes out the CPU check. Or use the kenel listed by Voodoo. Changing kernels is no big deal to do anyways so do not worry about it.
  7. mainecrab

    P55 SL Setup

    I am using a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 with a core i5 750 Processor. I have had to compile my own DSDT. The kext used are normal Kext needed for Snow Leopard install. Sound is done via DSDT and Legacy ALC888B Kext in the extra folder. I installed Snow Leopard from Leopard Using this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/09/install...-pc-hackintosh/ I am using PC EF1 10.3 as well as Chameleon RC3 is how I can inject Nvidia Graphics to use the drive provided with Snow Leopard. Sound was a real {censored} to get working but finally after I got it working in SL I was able to get it working correctly in Leopard itself since the VoodooHDA only gives output but it was messed up output as I needed for AOL Radio to work when that works right I know my GuitarPlug will work with GarageBand correctly. I will try and get a tutorial and you are correct no one has publicly said but me that they have SL working on this specific board and trying to find information is SLIM. The only other working thing I seen is a video of it in safe mode. Basically I follwed that tutorial to get SL installed. Installed Chameleon on the SL drive, copyed the boot from PC EF 10.3 the Modbin Kernel 7 to the drive. Moved kect FakeSMC v2 NullCpu, OpenHalt and one other I cant remember off the top of my head. Oh yeah the ALC888B legacy Kext. I used KextUtility to rebuild the extensions kext for the extra extensions folder. on Boot I use 32 bit mode with arch=i386 no need for busration=20 with this kernel. I also have a drive install for the Realtek 1000 driver that is from Realtek site. It works fine at 10.6.1 right now. It has taken me at least 2 weeks of working on this extensively to get it working fine. As I said ill try to get a tutorial up for this to help everyone else. Here is a screenshot Snow Leopard P55M-UD2
  8. mainecrab

    P55 SL Setup

    Modbin kernel 7 for AMD works with this processor. I have installed leopard and snow leopard with corei5. It is tricky because there is no real how to. The kernel is not really for AMD but it takes the CPU check out.
  9. I have gotten everything working except sound which appears to be ALC888B. I had it working for one day then reinstalled to start anew figuring I knew how to get it working. With VoodooHDA I get sound from sound effects and from websites, but like AOL Radio there is no sound. Why is that important? Well I cannit hear my guitar plugged in to record with GarageBand which is my whole point of using it in the first place. I thought I got it from manually compiling VoodooHDA but installing the kext that I made later did not work and recompiling from scratch still no sound from AOL Radio. If anyone has any suggestions or help please let me know. Thanks Jason
  10. Has anyone got sound working properly? I can use VoodooHDA and I get sound effects. But AOL Radio does not allow me to hear anything with it. I dont quite understand that.
  11. I just got iAtkos working on my build some tips: P55M-UD2 Gigabyte Core i5 F8 and make sure to boot with: -v busratio=20 cpus=1 Do not install speedstep it will kernel panic. Do Use Voodoo HDA : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...1638&st=180 Look at post 183 download the kext and install using kexthelper : my already compiled VoodooHDA.kext.... Voodoo.Based.XNU.980.v2 Qoopz All cores working, Sound Works at least out does. Firewire detected. Should be easy on Snow Leopard having it working on Leopard. Glad cause there isnt a good how to at all.
  12. Scoping out Ebay looking to build another PC/Hack and found this: 160362058434 6GB Memory is pretty temping, anyone done a build with this board? Mainecrab
  13. I dont have a guide but I did it I normally would. I cant say you will have issues cause I am using a hacked Vista copy right now, so I have EFI loading on that too. But since you got a valid copy you should be fine. Install Vista make two partitions one for Windows the other just leave there. When Vista is installed I then installed osx on the other partition. You might need to go ahead in windows and format that as something for disk utility to find it right. Format it as usual to osx file system and install. I am using Atkos so it might be a little different. I used the bootloader there for changing between Vista and Windows. i did have an issue with the bootloader for Vista being wiped out cause I installed OSX but I believe that is because I am using OEM bios emulator for Vista to be activated, you might not have the same issue. If you do have the issue you can insert the vista dvd and fix the boot issue. i did that then installed easybcd http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 to then choose vista or mac. choosing mac gives me the darwin bootloader. Hope that helps ya out some
  14. mainecrab

    Need help Installing on Hp

    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;hl=dv9000+amd If you searched. You would have found this thread which is the longest thread about this topic.
  15. Try this link for the Video: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y4fw9m This file works for my onboard video when I was using it. My Shutdown Reboot was not messed up with it. Use KextHelper or OSX86Tools to install easier. Use another DVD to install Atkos 4 has been best for me. After install just have to install sound and video and your done. Also sleep doesnt seem to work with my machine as well. Easy to fix. Just dont put it to sleep. Though when I shutdown sometimes it goes to sleep mode. Make it when it doesnt sleep the disk and the display only