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    Audio Probelms ALC888

    Ok just to let you guys know i figured out how to do this.. I didnt use tarugas patch... infact if your installed it uninstall it... delete the kexts..(i think applehdapatcher, & alcinject) either way find a way to unistall it and you need to edit appleazaliaudio.kext go into the extensions folder find appleazaliaaudio.kext right click and click show contents open info.plist w/ text editor...(make sure you are using txt format) change IOHDAudioCodecVendorID to value ox(vendorid)(deviceid) for example mine is 0x80863A3E you can find this info when you boot up the computer... in mine it shows kinda a table 8086 3a3e 1232 xxxx audio device 3242 4324 5234 5345 video device ....... you should be able to figure it out.. if not google find vendor id of soundcard
  2. gotti32123

    NVKush Not Loading?

    I am having the some problem. Can someone help us out?
  3. gotti32123

    Audio Probelms ALC888

    I spent many hours trying to figure this out. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to create a Linux dump of my audio card
  4. gotti32123

    Audio Probelms ALC888

    thank you so much. I will try later
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    Audio Probelms ALC888

    Can someone please help me out, I have spend multiple hours on this forum looking for the solution. I just build my osx86 project. I am using 10.5.3 Gigabyte Ga-EP43-ds3l motherboard and I am having problems getting the audio to work. I have tried about 5 different drivers and none seem to work with the EP43 chipset. Does anyone know a way to fix this?