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  1. nForce LAN driver

    working (mcp 51) M2NPV-VM
  2. i think maybe this can be because some thing about ps/2 suporte becase my winxp cant sleep now too and i aways use it before instal hackintosh what u think?
  3. i have instaled leo4all v2 here verry easy (just 4 instalation until work) and now i get all working but audio u must reinstal azalia driver and network need to reinstal forcedeth too and now im trying figure out how to make my system able to sleep since this is verru usefull for me if any one had an idea for help me and some one know how efi work i dont remenber at instalation if i need to do it there or can make it now and if some one need my files for network and audio just pm me
  4. About this Mac

    working fine for me
  5. working fine with out input device but as hlc my hardware cant have it yet good driver