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  1. Hi all, Is it possible to flash the bios of my GF TI 4200 with the chipset NV25 to have the same parameter than an GF ti 4200 with chipset NV28 ?The difference with NV25 & NV28 is I think only AGP X8 for nv28 and AGP X4 for nv25. Maybe NP_ can give some informations about that Thanks in advance Debian
  2. Hello unstable, I think your graphic card ti 4600 is also an nv25 chipset.Check it. See you Debian
  3. Hi all, I think that the NVIDIA GF 4 TI 4200 with NV28 are working with Quartz Extreme and the other with NV25 are not supported.What the difference between NV25 & NV28? Mine is NV25 and do not support QE?Is it posible to find a solution if we flash the bios? Maybe np_ can help us? Thanks in advance Debian
  4. Y.A.10.4.9.S - 8P127 (PPC) & 8P2127 (Intel)

    Is it working with Intel 2.2 Ghz SSE2
  5. Hi, What is the ID vendor of your graphic card ? Mine is 0x025310de and I have no solution yet. Thanks in advance. Debian
  6. Nvidia QE + CI The Definitive Guide

    tehnick, Can you tell what you have done exactly because it is not working for me? Thanks in advance
  7. Nvidia QE + CI The Definitive Guide

    I do all what you say with the old kernel and then I do the update kernel? Debian
  8. Thanks for your help.I also tried it without NVDANV20.kext but not yet OK. Debian
  9. I tried it.When I put the dev id to NVDAResman.kext, NVDANV40.kext and GeForce.kext the NVDANV20.kext and NVDANV40.kext load but it blokked when I have the message Starting .... Maybe I forget something? Pat if you read me .... Thanks in advance
  10. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    Somebody has QE with the same card: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=36507
  11. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    Hello, I have also an Geforce4 ti 4200.I have try with NVDANV20Hal.kext,Geforce.kext and NVDAResman.kext with the DEV ID 0x025310de and it is not working.If I desactivate NVDAResman.kext I have the GUI but no CI & QE So np_ & Co if you have some idee dont hesitate. Thanks in advance Debian
  12. Hello Pat, Can you tell me the rocedure ? Thanks
  13. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    Thanks Rammjet, I have seen it.
  14. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    Thanks Rammjet, It is ok now. Do you where is the problem ? (Hi all, When I do an update_prebinding -root ./ -force I have this message : error 10 running update_prebinding _core.