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  1. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Ok, thanks. I know C and some C++, Unix commands and Linux. But i'm not an expert Well, let's see if in a couple of weeks i can do something.
  2. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Hi, i'm having problems with that sound card. Well, I really want to help, but my knowledge of drivers is almost null. I'm learning C++, but I need much more than that. Could you give me please a link or the topics that I should learn to help on this driver? I hope you understand what I wrote, i'm from Chile. Thanks.
  3. [Guide] Intel D101GGC Motherboard + P4

    well, thanks forthe tips. the ATA driver worked perfect, now i'm benchmarking +-50 now we have to work to get more hehe.
  4. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Please add to non supported devices the (Intel D101Ggc MB) ATI x200 Integrated graphics 0x5A611002 (5A62 is already listed).