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  1. Here we go, Apple just released the sources of 10.6.2: sources
  2. That's right, my mistake. Basically, you update your OS to 10.6.2, then you download the patched kernel, put it at the root of your partition, and in the boot plist, you add the entry "kernel" and the value is the name of the patched version. Beland is absolutely right, 10.6.2 won't be Vanilla on our Atoms anyway. But I can see the "philosophical/psychological" value of running Vanilla.
  3. You would need to have a copy of the patched kernel on your EFI partition, and add a line in the boot.plist to tell it to use it instead of the official kernel. I don't know how it would react if you have multiboot though.
  4. That's super cool news! What's your motherboard/cpu?
  5. Nice work Teateam! Curious to see how you made the patch without the kernel sources? Will you work on it when Apple releases the sources in a couple of weeks? Keep up the good work!
  6. 10.6.2 is out ...

    So does it kill the Atom as some said?
  7. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    10.6.2 is available. Anyone wants to try it to see if it kills the Atom?
  8. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    This is total {censored}. I've already spoken with a few running 10.6.2 on an MSI Wind, and according to all of them 10.6.2 doesn't hurt the Wind, in fact they say the update went flawlessly and it runs smoother. Well, Stellarola himself corrected his blog entry, especially after receiving worldwide coverage! Link to Stellarola's blog
  9. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    I was in the same situation: Wind bought when it came out, installed a real Airport card, installed Leopard using the MSiWindOSX.iso distro, updated to 10.5.6 and left it that way until... Snow 10.6.1! I couldn't be bothered installing 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 because it seemed to break more things than fix them, especially for our machines. Then I took the plunge and went directly to the latest Snow Leo. What are the differences? It runs smoother, you get a cool feeling of running Vanilla. But the main thing to me is that when I wake my MSI from sleep, the mouse doesn't jump around like crazy for 1 minute whilst the Airport stays grey... Now, I wake it up, and within milliseconds my Airport and mouse are back - just like on a real Mac. Also, having a Synaptic trackpad, it means I get side scrollng with the Voodoo drivers - which is something I didn't have on Leopard. So honestly, it's worth it.
  10. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    1. I think is normal, it's because Chameleon looks at your sleep-image and decides not to boot from it. But if you had put your Wind to sleep, then let the battery die, Chameleon would boot from it on the next restart. 2. It's something I mentioned on the previous page. You can make it a MacBook Air easily: cd ~/Downloads/Vanilla/smbios/ sudo ./update.sh On reboot, your Msi should have become a MacBook Air - not literally of course...
  11. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Oh by the way, the smsbios.plist which is in that folder is a MacPro one, not a MacBook Air as mentioned somewhere in the thread... But the smsbios.plist which is in the Vanilla folder is the right one.
  12. Snow Leopard sur MSI Wind U100 & Netbook

    C'est celui que j'ai suivi ce weekend et je dois dire que ça marche à merveille. J'étais sous 10.5.6 depuis un certain temps - depuis l'achat de mon Wind Linux en juillet 2008 - et j'attendais Snow pour refaire une install complète. Ca marchait très bien en Leopard - le seul truc modifié c'est que j'ai une carte Wifi Gigabyte que l'OS prend pour une vraie Airport, mais alors sous Snow Leo, ça marche carrément bien : j'ai le trackpad qui fait le scrolling, la sortie de veille est immédiate alors que sous Leo il fallait attendre 30s pour retrouver le Wifi et que le curseur de la souris se calme. Et le sentiment d'avoir une belle install Vanilla. Si vous suivez le tuto, ça marche bien. J'ai d'abord installé sur un disque externe pour être sûr que ça valait le coup avant d'écraser mon install Leo. Ca se fait bien aussi, faut juste éditer les scripts genre ./update.sh car le disque externe ne monte pas en Disk0sX comme prévu par le script.
  13. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    I did that before reading it, and it works great btw. It also helps with the non-US keyboards: the "<" key to the right of the Shift key works! Oh and I fixed my sleep problem thanks to another thread: just needed to enable "boot after power failure" in the Energy saver prefpane!
  14. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Ok, now I have a Wind running Snow, and it's great and easy. Thanks everyone who made that possible. One question though: sleep works fine, and I patched my DSDT to enable lid-sleep. But when the battery dies, the Wind doesn't go to sleep which is a shame since Hibernate now works. Any clues?
  15. Vanilla Install on MSI Wind

    Can anyone comment on this post? No one picked on it and I'm trying to see if it makes sense to me=