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  1. OK, my T410 with NVS graphics is working GREAT with this install method. Only audio over HDMI not working. Now, have also got another T410, but with HD3000 graphics. I'm confused - is there a good DSDT someone has to use for HD3000? We can't use an NVS dsdt for a T410 w/ HD3000, can we? I've looked through the thread and don't see a DSDT posted for HD3000 T410. At the moment I can't get the T410 w/ HD3000 to boot into login screen at all, just -s text only mode. Anyone? Thanks :wink2:
  2. Looking for some clarity on the HDMI audio situation. I have a T410 NVS 3100 256mb, installed with Joshhh T410 kext/extra pack. I have a displayport - HDMI adapter, that audio works great with in windows. In 10.8.2 I get no HDMI audio. Video works great, and mirroring too. I've even tried an older version of his dsdt/AppleHDA posted in this thread. Has anyone had success with HDMI audio? Am I doing something wrong? It is a priority to get working for me. Would voodoohda help, at the expense of breaking something else? thanks!
  3. Success report: First. Had a L520. Sold it because of this thread and got a T410 i5 NVS 3100M 256mb. Also got a half-size wifi card as mentioned by joshhh. Flashed bios with winphlash windows utility. Used iAtkos ML2 usb key to install a clean* install of 10.8.2 (only fakesmc, iAtkos says). I'm on MBR By the way, after having too many fits with GPT. Installed latest chameleon manually (with the hard to find fdisk440 By the way, to try to keep win7 happy). Copied over Extra folder with dsdt, Kexts, chmod -R 755 /S/L/E and chown -R root:wheel /S/L/E, but no keyboard. Added ps2...nub to the mix, and it's good. Sleep, Turbo (as reported in system log), brightness, BT, sound, mic, even the thinklight works ; D My main question at the moment is about heat and CPU scaling. My system fan is running all the time right now. CPU core temp is at 131 F, istatmenu says. I can't see fan RPMs in istatmenus (normal?). At the moment I have both VTx and the other processor setting (forgot the name!) turned ON. I'm about to turn VTx off, but I doubt that will help my temp problem. Is there something I'm missing to help the CPU scale down? There's no way to monitor how it's scaling? Wasn't there CPUz or something? It's 32 bit only? EDIT: I found the app in the HW Monitor folder in /Extra, and it does seem the CPU is scaling correctly. It goes down to x9 at idle, and x20 when in use. The fan does turn off sometimes. = ) Thanks so much everyone, and joshhh. Full working system was hard (impossible) for me to get on T61, but now it's just about here. So happy. Any word on the SD card reader?
  4. scrappy - it sounds like you need voodootscsync I had similar problems if I remember right before putting that kext in the mix good luck!
  5. I have been working on getting Lion 10.7.2 working well on my X3100 Thinkpad T61. I started with iAtkos L2 and modified a little. Things have been going good so far... have good video acceleration (it's FAST) and dimming working with DSDT + modified x3100 FB .kext WHAT IS UP WITH SLEEP? If I try to normal sleep (pmset = 3) I get immediate wake up. Console says wake reason USB3. Is this bluetooth or something????? If I try to hibernate (pmset = 0) I am unable for it to use the hibernate image. RELEVANT NOTES FOR SLEEP I've tried deleting AppleLPC.kext I'm using sleepenabler for Lion I've tried the hardware wireless switch both ON and OFF I have not messed with AppleHPET ... some people think this can have an effect on sleep... OTHER MISC SYSTEM SPECS audio - using voodoohda dsdt - using my own dsdt I autopatched boot loader - using chimera wifi - using stock 10.7.2 IO80211Family modified with device string match for my wifi card DREAM LIST FOR 10.7.X on T61: dsdt modified for proper hardward temp monitoring and fan speed (see this thread for other thinkpads) dsdt modified for proper c/p states for best battery life sleep working - both regular and hibernate
  6. SL 10.6.2 installed on Thinkpad T61

    Thank you for this great information. That is amazing you got display dimming working. I've done a similar method as yours using iAtkos to install SL 10.6.3, on my x3100 thinkpad T61 (some T61's have ATI graphics, which seems to break sleep). Working: sound with internal mic - with your voodoohda (thank you!!!) sleep video - with simiilar EFI string to yours, and similar x3100 kext vga out - but not mirroring pstates (for better power saving) - with attached kext in S/L/E, not /extra wifi and other basics Not working: bluetooth display dimming How did you make your DSDT.aml, to get display dimming? When I use your DSDT, I get display dimming, but it breaks my sleep. If we know how you made your DSDT, we could all make our own DSDT so it matches our exact hardware, so nothing is broken. thanks again for this great thread! The T61 is a great, affordable platform for mac. BTW, after much research, the best way I've found for dual or triple boot of OSX, Windows, Linux is instructions from iAtkos: http://uphuck.ggrn.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=12269 VoodooPState.kext.zip
  7. My report from my Thinkpad T61 / X3100 laptop on Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Model 7661-11U. using latest BIOS update from Lenovo using chameleon RC4 working: accelerated video works with arch=i386 in apple.com.boot.plist and editing DSDT to have no "device (CRT)" x3100 fix (google it) OpenGL might be working, because Profiler displays "ROM Revision: OpenGL Engine activated via EFI String" sleep works with no AppleLPC.kext , and protected memory turned ON in BIOS (under security options) audio works (mic too) by removing AppleHDEF.kext and using VoodooHDA (attached) the attached efi string I found for T60p might be helping with video and/or audio not working: display dimming Anyone have display brightness dimming working on T61 or T60 with x3100? On 10.6.3? Do you have to use old X3100 Kexts? Please report. Thanks! And good luck. efi_string_t61_x3100.rtf VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  8. ATI X1300 Radeon Mobility, OpenGL?

    I too have T60 and experienced the same high-resolution but no acceleration on default Snow Leopard. By installing the ATIRadionX.... kexts, NATIT, and Chameleon with "VideoEnabler" turned on I was able to get acceleration, but pretty heavy mouse tearing. Still searching for better solution. Still have no sleep working, when I've had it working good before on similar R60. Is there any special tricks for the T60? Does it just need the video drivers better set up?
  9. Any drivers for GMA950 on Snow leopard?

    Yah, desktop and laptop GMA950 are very different. What DSDT patching method did you use? I'd be willing to try on my laptop GMA950. Right now, am using SL kexts with EFI string and have resolution support but not full acceleration (also no VGA out, but that usually requires old framebuffer kext for me).
  10. Random Firefox 3.0.10 Crashes

    i'm also on a thinkpad, r60, and have unexplained firefox crashes still in snow leopard! error thrown is 9/4/09 7:54:27 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[102] ([0x0-0x49049].org.mozilla.firefox[611]) Exited with exit code: 3 my snow leopard install is chameleon rc2 + netkas boot file in root with kexts as per "generic SL guide" in insanelymac --> note <-- I had kernel panic after install until I removed IOATAfamily.kext from S/L/E that makes me think it could be: wifi drivers (someone else reported they fixed firefox crashes by changing their network interface) graphics drivers (i use an efi string, which don't get me 3d/quartz in SL) adblock plus (?) flaky RAM / RAM bus / physical RAM slot (my 2nd RAM slot makes the whole machine really unstable) voodooPS2 (?) let me know
  11. 10.5.7 has been released

    Speaking of AppleLPC.kext, that is the kext that many thinkpad users have to remove in order to get sleep. So if you're not getting sleep, that couldn't hurt to try. And BTW, I don't know how to disable it via a custom disabler kext in EFI / Extra, so please share if you know how to do this. Am going to try the 10.5.7 update on my retail Chameleon RC1 /Extra thinkpad system in a few minutes and will post results.
  12. Attansic L2 Driver

    This is really exciting for us P5GC owners. Does everyone report the same issue with even the latest version of the driver, that speed is slow?
  13. OK. Have checked around as much as I could, and did not find info about this issue. SETUP: This is 10.5.6 retail install (munky EFI guide) on a Thinkpad R60. Keyboard and trackpad "work", ie, appleps2controller.kext and appleacpips2nub.kext seem correct. I'm testing different kext's soon to see if that changes anything. This is the problem: The problem happens only sometimes. In a certain window, the keyboard does nothing / unresponsive. For example, a window of Thunderbird. Using the mouse to click on a different window, the keyboard works fine. Going back and forth between windows can sometimes fix the unresponsive window. (no application is "crashed" during this problem) Any info appreciated! Could this be simply a OSX 10.5.6 bug, irrelevant to my system hardware/config? - pentiumx
  14. My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    Just to be clear, there is still no success with Line-In (Mic) for AD1981HD using this method? I have a thinkpad R60. I've been using an AppleAzalia from Kalyway 10.5.2 that gives me Speakers and Line-Out, but no Mic. thanks
  15. @ matsufan This is the com.apple.Boot.plist and the dsdt.aml I put in /EFI folder, for the R60 thinkpad. I'm not sure the dsdt.aml helps anything. The EFI string in the .plist file is just for graphics. The KEXTs I listed should be findable via google, they're unmodified from whatever sources they came from. By the way, what's the deal with DSDT vs dsdt .aml? Does case matter to the chameleon/munky bootloader system? com.apple.Boot.plist.zip dsdt.aml.zip