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  1. Audio On ALC662 Asus

    Pin Config Rear Line out 20 12 2 Rear Line in 26 13 3 Rear Mic in 24 14 4 Front HP 27 12 2 Front Mic 25 14 4 Attaching Pin config dec. svg codec_dump.txt verbitdebug.txt
  2. Audio On ALC662 Asus

    ytrox This legacy kext did not worked, in logs it showed pathmap reference or something like that, tried long time back so didnt remember exact thing.
  3. Audio On ALC662 Asus

    Can anybody help me to get vanilla sound, attaching necessary files. will be fine either in Snow Leopard or in lion. The Motherboard is Asus P5KPL AM/PS Audio Codec is Realtek ALC662 Alc662.zip
  4. Intel DG41RQ Compatible with MAC?

    Vooda HDA works fine in this board