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    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    great job chris1111 and company. booted a vanilla USB el capitan installer using a clover bootCD.. i think it was v3 (3970) <-- not sure. installed os x el capitan ran your post installer on the el capitan partition from another partition (yosemite) installed UEFI clover, ALC892 kext, and intelGBethernet kext. everything seems to work fine. i had issues earlier because i had os x and NTFS on same HDD and i resized some partitions that i shouldn't have. writing this from el capitan. thanks again! specs: Intel DH87RL (i left Vt-d enabled... didn't change anything in BIOS), EVGA GTX 660, 8GB RAM, i5-4670 update: USB ports are mapped incorrectly and USB3 isn't working at all. some USB2 are actually detected as USB3. apparently this is a common problem so i'll wait 'till the dust settles before implementing the best fix to address the issue.
  2. thx newman, got into admin mode and setup an account. im no longer plagued by the "Do You Already Own a Mac?" loop. my only serious problem is booting into normal mode... my video is still garbled, coming up w/ blue, white, and black horizontal bars. in -v however i can see my ATY trying to load, and in -x my device id is correct-- 9588. what are the current drivers i should be using for ATi radeon HD 2600XT PCIe? i'll check for some kexts and will eventually figure it out. thanks guys for all the help thus far.
  3. awesome. thanks, i'll try that in 5 minutes. all my issues are starting to come back to me. leaving the dvd in after install seems to allow me to boot and after defining my keyboard and settings i get to the "Do You want to transfer from your old mac" screen. when i choose do not transfer it sits there for a while, then i get a beach ball and then it kicks me back to the beginning where i gotta define my keyboard. also, i can only get the video to work in safe mode -x otherwise its all garbled... but im starting to remember the way i used to do it, im pretty sure i had to use VGA instead of DVI at first. anyhoo... thanks for the help. i'll keep you posted.
  4. after installing osx, i can't boot it off my hard drive. darwin is not detected. my bios goes right to the network boot.
  5. i had kalyway 10.5.1 going up to 10.5.3 but gave up after i killed my system w/ apples updater. anyways, i grabbed jas 10.5.4 and ideneb 10.5.5. both boot and install (ideneb even boots DVD in AHCI mode) but afterwards my bios just skips right to network boot. i once got as far as defining my keyboard and choosing "do not transfer information" where it froze after selecting. is there something im not aware of w/ these new releases, some kind of post-install patch i have to apply? please point me in the right direction. thanks intel DG33TL, xeon E3110, 2GB Mushkin 800MHz, ATI Radeon HD2600. 320GB WD caviar SATA (tried both AHCI and IDE modes).
  6. Wardialer

    10.5.4 Released

    worked here perfectly through software update. upgraded from kalyway 10.5.3. E3110 cpu - DG33TL motherboard - ATi HD 2600XT video - AHCI GUID dual boot seagate 160GB shared w/ vista ultimate 64 - EFI v8
  7. Wardialer

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    9588 installer works great on my 2600XT. the fonts finally look right. bravo! thanks to netkas and everyone involved! now i just gotta find a sleep kernel and fix my restarting problems for 10.5.3
  8. Wardialer

    which apple updates are safe? 10.5.2

    thanks... already grabbed em all. everything is OK. Q6700, DG965WH, 2 GB mushkin 800 MHz, ATI 2600XT, 160GB seagate AHCI mode
  9. im running dual boot vista + osx 10.5.2 on GUID w/ EFI v8. after installing the kalyway combo 10.5.2 update and later kalyway's 10.5.2 kernels i still get these available updates from apple which are safe/useful and which will destroy my installation? thanks
  10. Wardialer


    guess they forgot to include MKV files. sounds like another best seller!! good luck WD, i'll avoid your drives from here on out.
  11. Wardialer

    DG965WH - wasn't meant to be

    i was getting kernel panics because i was using integrated X3000 video. once i installed a radeon X1300, every mac osx dvd booted natively including leopard. i used a SATA DVD-ROM, and set my DRIVE CONFIGURATION to AHCI. DG965WH Core2 Duo E6300
  12. Wardialer

    MB Intel DG965WH still waiting root device

    do NOT use integrated X3000 intel video or you get kernel panics boot ToH RC2 leopard DVD using SATA DVD-ROM / SATA DVD-RW in AHCI mode (BIOS).
  13. Wardialer

    No HD found on DG965SS Intel MB

    i had no problems installing ToH RC2 on DG965WH, i used AHCI mode like Shogunprotege. u modify those kexts post-install to get a faster, more specific driver that communicates w/ your ICH8. but for install purposes the generic AppleAHCIPlatform.kext will recognize your SATA in AHCI mode. its like VESA being a generic graphics mode most video cards support, but to get hardware acceleration on them u gotta install specific drivers. good luck
  14. Wardialer


    u guessed it. went back to work for the holidays just to fax my paystub to intel (missed the intel dinner where they authorize you). Q6700, DG33??, vista home premium for $249 USD... i can't pass that up!!
  15. Wardialer


    i take no credit for the following revelation regarding DG965WH, someone already suggested this: this board along w/ every other intel 965 board works. after almost a year of trying everything (and i do mean everything) i figured out why my board wasn't working natively. after *borrowing* an X1300 radeon from my local electronics store, i discovered that every DVD i couldn't boot in the past worked fine. the ACPI (S3) kernel panic is NOT caused by ACPI power management but by the integrated X3000 video, or the cards firmware or DVMT. here's how i booted every disc: HPET on, AHCI on, intel quick resume technology was off but i dont think it matters, the rest of the bios settings were default. i had a usb keyboard and mouse plugged in, as well as 4 other usb devices. my sata HDD (seagate) was in the first sata port, and the sata DVD-ROM was in the 2nd, (basically appeared on 1st and 2nd slots in bios). i also had an IDE DVD-RW plugged in at the time... 2 x 512MB DDR2 667 OCZ gold kit. HP w19b plugged into analog VGA. of course the X1300 radeon PCI-e was installed. forgot to mention my processor is a E6300 core2duo and both cores were enabled (default) each of the following booted natively w/o ANY kernel flags except maybe -v : uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i R2 MAC OSX 10.4.9 Amd-Intel MYZAR JaS 10.4.8 intel SSE3 XXX OS x86 10.4.10 + PPF1 JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 mac.nub OSx86 10.4.10 v1r5 Kalyway 10.4.10 Intel SSE3 + v1.1 PPF + jmicron ICH8 extensions.mkext Leopard 10.5.0 ToH_x86_9A581_RC2 (even installed this one, but somehow needed an OSX install disc in drive to work.. didn't waste much time) OSX 10.4.8 JaS Intel SSE3 + 965 jmicron PPF (i think this one's known as the Beta2) after spending almost a year trying to figure out my problem its good to finally be sure its the X3000 integrated video thats causing all those ACPI (S3) kernel panics. so if anyone is having these ACPI (S3) kernel panics, start troubleshooting by using a real video card instead of the integrated one.