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  1. Clover General discussion

    I have just updated OSX to 10.11.5, and got a issue with OsxAptioFixDrv.efi when booting to OSX. I had to use OsxAptioFix2Drv.efi instead. It worked fine, but i still want to utilize OsxAptioFixDrv.efi Anyone here have an idea for that?
  2. Ozmosis

    Anyone here have latest AMIBCP tool? Thanks
  3. Clover General discussion

    Issue: I've just updated El Capitan from 10.11 to 10.11.1 and got instant reboot when booting to Mac OSX. Solution: Up-to-date latest Clover. I suppose/think it relate to Kernel. Thanks to Clover team And this is latest Clover 3297 that i've built this morning by Clovergrowpro. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mXhYUpIP9-WVJwVkpodkFIUU0/view?usp=sharing
  4. So weird... I'm gonna figure it out when i have free time.
  5. I repatched LegacyHDA. Try installing it and send me feedback. P/s: I think the first kext that i posted in #40 is right. You should install it again and install Codec Commander to S\L\E https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-eapd-codec-commander/downloads LegacyAppleHDA.kext.zip
  6. How about Speaker and Microphone? Is it working?
  7. I have just patched your AppleHDA. I attached full of files that relate to your ALC269VB. You have to do exactly guide below: Step 1: Patch your DSDT: Add Layout 28, fix HPET and IRQ. Then move it to EFI\Clover\ACPI\Patched\ Step 2: Remove VoodooHDA.kext in S\L\E, restore original AppleHDA.kext to S\L\E Step 3: Install LegacyAppleHDA.kext to S\L\E via Kext Wizard. Step 4: Open your Config.plist (Clover) by Clover Configurator. And add KextToPatch: (You may reference my Config.plist) Name: AppleHDA Find -->> Replace (copy/paste for each line separately) Comment: You can type anything you want. Eg: Patch AppleHDA P1, Patch AppleHDA P2,... Step 5: Rebuild caches and reboot. Notice: Your Line In (aka External Microphone) wouldn't be working. Because your Headphone and External Mic are combo jack. I don't have any idea for it. Gluck ALC269VB.zip config.plist.zip
  8. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    It seems faster than 10s. Thanks
  9. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    What a pity!
  10. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    I think your pathmaps of Mic is wrong. You could send me your Codecdump and your AppleHDA what are you using. I probably fix it for you.
  11. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    It will not work You have to modify all of chain hexs that i told.
  12. AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    I've just patched AppleHDA for ALC233 successfully. And i'd like to share some expriences about patching AppleHDA on El Capitan (GM). I hope it'll be useful 1. Binary patching We have 5 chain hexs that have to be modified. 8419d411 --> 3302ec10 8319d411 --> 00000000 6102ec10 --> 00000000 6202ec10 --> 00000000 8508ec10 --> 00000000 2. Tools I recommend Hex Fiend. You shouldn't use Hex Edit, because I tried to modify hex by Hex Edit but not success. That's basic way. And the way that i truly love is Clover. See more at attached files. I attached my Config.plist and AppleHDA for ALC233 only. Goodluck AppleHDA-272.50-ALC233 Tuanpekoe.zip config.plist.zip
  13. Ozmosis

    I have opened AMIBOOTMODIFIED.ROM and go to "Graphics Configuration" but i dont see anything changed, it is the same with original bios.
  14. Ozmosis

    Thank you so much I wonder if it isn't success, how to recovery bios?
  15. Ozmosis

    Sorry, but could you help me change and repack it, and tell me how to reflash bios? I dont have knowledge about bios anymore. (My graphics included Geforce 820M)