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  1. Glubbdubdribian

    All-new InsanelyMac website

    but then i've only just come back onto the site... haven't been using it for a while... concerned about ppl's comments now. don't notice any speed difference myself and adblock means no ads... so...
  2. Glubbdubdribian

    All-new InsanelyMac website

    looks sooo good. well done to everybody involved!
  3. Glubbdubdribian

    Burning DVD Question

    you just need to burn the iso. the rtf file is there so that you can compare the md5 (a code specific to a piece of software) of the iso to what it is meant to be - this is so that you can check to see if you have a corrupted file... but the chances are that ur file is ok
  4. Glubbdubdribian

    Running mac apps under linux

    ok - thx for the info. but do you know why it wouldn't work? I would have thought it would be easier than running DOS apps since OS X and linux are both unix based. here's an interesting thread on slashdot about it that i just found. seems to be many problems but still some hope...
  5. Glubbdubdribian

    Running mac apps under linux

    Hey, does anybody know of a way of running mac applications under linux? maybe not through an emulator - similar to wine? is it possible? cheers.
  6. Glubbdubdribian

    OS X Live DVD

    Wow. well done everybody! definitely gonna try this as soon as i have the time.
  7. Glubbdubdribian

    Post Installation Trouble with Kalyway 10.5.2

    Installing the 3 ports driver (not the digital one) from the mpkg attached should fix your problem. see this and this thread for reference. if it works then it should still work after any update... i think... sorry but sounds like shutdown still isn't working for you For your sleep problem, the HCL page on the wiki pointed to this site as a solution for your mobo. EDIT: This might also be of some help - not sure if your board is P5LD2-VM, though. hope that helps ALC883Audio.mpkg.zip
  8. Glubbdubdribian

    Post Installation Trouble with Kalyway 10.5.2

    Hi, for your sound problem, download AppleHDA Patcher 2.0. Then download your appropriate dump file from here. Drag the dump onto the app. Done! ... hopefully. sorry, but i don't know solutions to any of your other problems off the top of my head
  9. Glubbdubdribian

    Need Some Input

    hey, have a look here to see if there are any problems with your mobo tht cold be fixed. as for switching os - yes you will have to power off and on to use the other system but if you don't mind reduced memory then you could use bootcamp on VMWare (Fusion for mac) to switch easily between them.
  10. Glubbdubdribian

    The 10 Best Linus Torvalds Quotes

    lol - very funny. liked 7 and 8 in particular. I guess you're saying that because his kernel was called Linux (i.e. after himself) but he actualy wanted to call it Freax originally. One of his friends who was looking after the severs at his university called it linux and persuaded torvalds to use the name.
  11. Glubbdubdribian

    QE Not Supported!

    EDIT: just noticed your other thread - looks like hecker has an easier solution than comatron Here, have a look at this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...+GeForce+7950GT I think what comatron said should work: hope tht helps - just search the forums and you should find something. oh, and careful not to double post
  12. Glubbdubdribian

    Dual Boot Mac OS 10.5 and vista

    Yes, you should be able to. check out this guide: The Fool-Proof Vista & XP / Mac OS X Dual-Boot Guide It's very well set out. I would advise using Kalyway but iAtkos has an AMD version now if you feel you want to use that for some reason. Hope you succeed in your endeavours
  13. Glubbdubdribian

    kernel panic after installing xcode

    ok.. so we have to install xcode then remove CHUD from single user mode? can somebody pls post the exact commands we have to execute that will let you boot again? and have you tried it? thx
  14. Glubbdubdribian

    How to make a patched OS X disk?

    rly kl guide - you should definitely post tht up on this forum. thx
  15. Glubbdubdribian

    Keyboard not working on installation

    It's probs your mobo, a mon avis - look up the compatibility for it on the OSx86 wiki.