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  1. sharkyseb

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Yes it works, i have tested High Sierra and even on external disk no problem at all with same kext that for Sierra
  2. sharkyseb

    Automatic reboot after stop

    Hello! You have to verify in your bios option if you have something like "power on from RTC" or something like this and desactivate, for my DELL it was the problem!
  3. sharkyseb

    Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Thanks Gogas i try to help when i am sure i can, and it's so cool to use Mountain Lion i can't return back to windows (even on my tablet, windows 8, i does'nt use a lot!). Sorry for my English, i am from Brittany (France)
  4. sharkyseb

    Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Yes nvidia 210 works well because i have one too, i though it was because of my gtx it didn't work and i had to boot with PCIROOTUID to solve the problem. the only thing i have to solve it's the update i really don't understand why it doesn't work.
  5. sharkyseb

    Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Hello, yes i confirm i use a dell D530 but i have to tell you i changed the graphic card!! i use actually a nvidia GTX285 and i don't use a DSDT, in fact i never used one! and i have made a USB key with 10.8.3 with myhack because i didn't manage to update 10.8.2 to 10.8.3. i had the same trouble with shutdown because in fact it restarted everytime but i used ##### to install "evoreboot", maybe it's not necessary but il have done that and changed in the bios(very important) "Wake on lan" on OFF or NO! told me if it helped! thanks in advance.
  6. sharkyseb

    Dell Bios, AHCI/RAID, SSD

    Hello everybody! it's a long time i didn't post here(sorry) but if somebody is interested i managed to install Mountain Lion 10.8.3 vanilla with everything working even shutdown/restart!!! don't hesitate to ask!
  7. sharkyseb

    PROBLEM: Almost there - Sony Vaio TX2

    Hello, i can help you... for the sound, you can install VOODOOHDA, it works perfect, even if you are a "kernel panic" at reboot, switch off and ON again and it works!!! and i can tell you what i have selected for installation and for me, on the battery it works perfect too...about 5 hours !!!! very cool this laptop! the only thing that doesn't work is card reader!