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  1. Disk does not appears (Dell optiplex 755)

    I have the exact same PC and was having the same issue on my Dell. Turns out the only kext that needs replacing from ML is IOPCIFamily.kext. I wonder what changed?
  2. Anyone get this working? I have the PCIe version and have had the worst luck with it. Every time I try to use NVenabler, NVinject, etc, it hangs right before the GUI loads. I am running Chameleon RC4 as my boot loader, so I tried "GraphicsEnabler=Yes", with the NVenabler, NVinject, etc kexts removed. When I do this, the OS loads, but doesn't detect the video card properly. It is runnign in VESA mode. I have added my device ID to the "NVDANV40Hal.kext", and it loads successfully on start-up, it just wont see my video card. I am doing this on OS X 10.6.7, running in x86_64 mode.
  3. iopcifamily.kext

    You could try upgrading to a later version...My Vanilla 10.5.4 Install is using version 2.4.1.
  4. Hey everyone! In attempting to solve some minor issues involving my T60P hackintosh, I know that one of the major issues with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext is the "Failed to get a HPET" error. I stumbled across the following link http://www.opensubscriber.com/message/linu...rg/6656514.html From what I gather, This driver code will force the recognition of HPET, overriding hat part of the DSDT. My ultimate goal is to see what happens if we can get AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext working. I wonder if it will automagically take control of SpeedStepping and the like because real Macs support ICH-5 and up chipsets, which all use HPET. This is my first attempt at a driver, so any help is always appreciated!
  5. Experimental Intel SpeedStep kext

    I am pleased to report that throttling works fine on my Thinkpad T60P. I have it fully working now...it is like a MacBook Pro, but better with a higher resolution internal screen, and fully working EVERYTHING, right down to the Battery meter. I plan on attempting to integrate the speedstep application with the power management bundle to see what happens. Keep up the good work!!
  6. help with t60p (firegl 5250)

    Any luck on the Lid close issue? I am working on fixing the same problem. What have you found out so far?
  7. Is AD1981HD working on Leopard 10.5.2 now?

    This worked GREAT!! on my T60p with the same audio chipset. Even the headphone jacks work!!