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    Horses, sailing, art, music, bass players...lol, web design, mac computers, playing with any computers.
  1. Snow Leopard

    Help with iATKOSv1.0R2

    Did you try the Kalyway one, search up Sumyungai's posts, he puts in there how to do it he has an amd processor most of what he did is for an acer, but he got all working on his... I used Leo4all as the itakos one would not quit shutting down on me and I have an intel processor.
  2. Snow Leopard

    Help with iATKOSv1.0R2

    It does say For INTEL PCS as far as I read.
  3. Snow Leopard

    Favorite Cheese

    Can I add more than one...lol Swiss Gouda and Montery Jack
  4. Snow Leopard

    My Random Thoughts

    My random thoughts???? do you really want to know. Men I can at this point do without, all they do is break your heart especially the ones you really like. Thought of flying back east but no use Stop the world I wanna get off NOW!!!! ConfUSED special emphasis on the USED Why do guys move from one gal to the next so easily without a thought in the world. Why do people use others for sex, money, whatever they can get those are just a few.... I could ramble on for days
  5. Snow Leopard

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm Lisa, was introduced to the Mac by Sumyungai from here... I have 4 girls aged from 11 to 4, love horses, animation, web design etc I am extermely persistant it took me a week to get leopard up and running on my acer, but I kept at it and have it mostly going but no sound yet. and i use a usb for internet. I hate liars, and guys that date you to get over exes...lol been there done that. Honesty is a big thing to me,
  6. Snow Leopard

    What's your job?

    Customer Service Rep at a call center
  7. Snow Leopard

    How should I install Windows XP?

    I simply just installed Windows Xp first. Have to tell you having a SATA drive made it more difficult but i used Nlite, to get the drivers and stuff and reloaded my acer. Sumyungai, was the one that told me about installing the windows first, that way there aren't any problems. I used the leo4all, disk utility to partition the drives, took it out rebooted to install xp. works like a charm.
  8. Snow Leopard

    Acer Aspire 5315

    I got it to work dual boot with xp, used leo4all all defaults i just added in the drivers. Problems are no sound, and no internet unless i hook up my usb dlink adapter. Over heats and shuts off but stick afan under it im fine. I could not get the itakos one to load kept getting a message your computer needs to restart...never ever finished the install. Kalyway, just froze at the disk information screen. Thats about it.
  9. Snow Leopard

    Acer Aspire 5315

    I tried the Kalyway one, it just freezes at the beginning of the install and stops. I can't even get to the customize screen. |I have tried leo4all and can get it fully installed on my system, but after 5 minutes my laptop seems to over heat and it just shuts off. It doesn't over heat with any other operating system. My system is as follows acer aspire 5315 Intel Celeron processor M 550 2.0 ghz 2gb ram Mobile intel GL960 Express chipset with intergrated 3d graphics 120 gb sata drive Intel high definition audio Everything as I said works but it seems to overheat after 5 minutes in leopard system. Almost like the cpu fan quit. Thanks