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  1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    Imma try the Lion release that is out now (all though its only the developers version) and see if i have any luck. Also, yes, i have sound and internet and was actually posting a lot of that from within mac. When Lion comes out, if the hacked versions works for me i will go out and buy it, its only gonna be $30, not to much for an OS like M$ charges.... Also, my sound device works because its not an on bourd sound device or even a PCI card, its a fire wire device by Mackie called the Onyx Satellite which they made drivers for available on their own website.
  2. Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    I installed a Retail 10.6 disc i bought from best buy (family pack) and used the nawcomModCD to boot the retail disc. I am unaware of which version of 10.6 i have but will go with as low as 10.6.4 i would assume. I have no other graphics card on hand to try with, was just looking into another one. Here is a link with full specs on what my card has including the FW its running straight from the manufacturers web site!!! http://usa.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/NVIDIA_...i_DC_TOPDI1GD5/
  3. Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    Ok will check it out for sure! Also, I am starting to wonder if the reason the drivers did not work is because my Mac is outdated. My only issue now is i cannot get it to update it gets to the end freezes up and then my whole Mac install is screwed basically and i have to reinstall everytime. Is there any trick to fixing that issue so i can try to move on to getting the bootloader installed then fixing my graphics issue?
  4. Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    Ok, i will check this out, looks like what ive tried before and it did not work last time....now if this doesnt work have you heard anything about the ATI Radeon HD 5670?
  5. Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    Ok, so, I am having issues finding drivers for this card, I have looked here and on google with no luck so far. Does anyone or HAS anyone got this card to work or know where to get drivers? Also, is it possible to wrap drivers on here like you can do in linux?
  6. After Reboot issue

    So, i got mac installed from the retail 10.6 disc i have purchased and it was working except the graphics drivers did not seem to be installed. My graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti and i cannot find drivers for it anywhere. Now, back to the main issue. I rebooted mac as i was going back to windows 7 and i got an error which will be in the image below. Any help here would be greatful! Also, this is a -v -x boot and even non safemode it does the same thing.
  7. NEW PC

    Ok, so after rebooting the system it will NOT load anymore and i made NO changes after booting it up. I got a pic of what it stops at in -v mode!

    What are you running with 8 cores?
  9. Introduce yourself.

    Well, my name is just cause and I am 95% new with mac and linux and what not but am VERY interested in getting mac up and running on my first hackintosh and getting some programs installed for recording audio and editing as well!
  10. NEW PC

    Ok, is there also a way using the pre GUI terminal to determine the issue? I apologize btw, i am VERY new to mac/unix/linux, so its kind of foreign to me, but its very important to me to get mac working for my recording studio! EDIT Scratch that, i got the drivers removed, forgot all about the ls command to view files inside of a directory which allowed me to see the kext name and remove it from the list! Now im on line on my Mac again lol So, now, im having issues finding working drivers for my GTX 550 Ti, i tried another post here but the drivers installed and after reboot no change..... Also need some help with bootloading and trying to get Mac to run without my boot disc i have. If you want to help me get this up and running i will love you for ever and ever!!! lol
  11. NEW PC

    So can someone tell me how to roll back on a driver install without booting into the GUI by chance?
  12. NEW PC

    Ok, so i used a different boot cd and am now posting this from Mac SL 10.6 Next thing is graphics drivers, while i do that, can anyone inform me of a way to be able to use a boot loader between Windows 7 and Mac? EDIT TO ADD: So, after the first boot after the installation the Ethernet connection worked fine. Same PC right now in Windows 7 and it works, but now every time i boot into Mac it gives me a 169 IP address set on DHCP . So i then set out to update the drivers and after this i now get a kernal panic and the OS will not continue to load. Is there a way to undo tha driver update without loading the OS through terminal or something?
  13. NEW PC

    OK, i have downloaded and burned the iAtkos iso and it gets to the apple load screen, loads for a few and then starts with the little spinning colorful loading circle and allows me to move it with my mouse and all but nothing else happens at this point. Any ideas on where to go next here EDIT I got it to boot with using SM!!! So, now it shows all my hard drives but i cannot format the one i want. As stated above i had a SSD SATA and 2 HDD SATAS. Any ideas here? Also, it WILL allow me to format another hdd so i went ahead and went with the other HD and will just continue to use the OTHER OTHER in windows only lol. Only issue now is that it will not boot, how do i get her to boot up now?
  14. NEW PC

    Well ya, i was using the boocd with my retail 10.6 disc that i got from best buy, but since it is not working now im gonna use the method of using a build with a custom kernel for my specific hardware.
  15. NEW PC

    I will be trying this one probably after work tonight. Gotta DL the iAtkos otherwise i would do it now. I will post back and let you know if it worked for me or not and if anyone else has suggestions before hand im open for them and listening