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  1. Grey Screen of Death?

    OK, it turned out it really was something from the Hackintosh restore. The genius hooked up a firewire drive an booted off of it, then ran all kinds of diagnostics on the iMac and everyghitng checked out. Re-installed Leopard and everything is fine. The guy was laughing when I explained to him what I did - what's he going to say? In reality, my Hackintosh is the reason why I forked over $2K to get the real thing, so it worked out pretty well for Apple... But I have to admit I was disapointed that the fact that something that could be wrong with the OS install will prevent you from booting from the CD/DVD. That is weak. I will have to purchase a firewire drive and build it with the OS, to make sure I'm not stuck like this again. As well, I think I will print a little cheat sheet with the numerous keys/options to hit during startup to enable diffferent modes. I'm used to having the computer tell you what key to hit to get in the BIOS, then F8 for Windows (which brings up the menu), etc.. this whole "hold the mouse button while you boot" is a little out of my comfort zone. I restored my user account and my applications from the Hackintosh, it seems everything is fine now. I have to say I was impressed with the technical staff at the Apple store - they know their stuff and aren't just there to take your information and forward your machine to the factory. Thanks everyone Bender077
  2. Grey Screen of Death?

    thanks for the tips guys. I tried these and still nothing. I called Apple tech support and they had me trying the same things, still doesn't work. I've got an appointment for sunday with an Apple Genius at the local Apple store. I'll post their verdict when I get it - might be helpful for someone else. thanks again Pascal
  3. All, My wonderful wife bought me a 24", 3.06GHz iMac that arrived yesterday. I powered it up, then proceeded to import my Time Machine backup from my Hackintosh. Two hours and change later, I'm up and running, with all my settings. But there are a few things that don't look right. First off, the computer seems to be running very slow (i.e. minimizing a window is far from instant). Second, the computer doesn't recognize my Admin password from the Hackintosh. So I decide to bite the bullet and re-install Leopard with the factory disks, then will re-import my applications and documents manually or at the very least one set at a time to make sure I don't mess it up. So I pop in the factory DVD and proceed to reboot. I hear the boot tone. Then a greyish screen that makes it look like the LCD is lit, but barely. then nothing. I unplug my USB devices (all of them), start again. Same thing. Not even at the Apple logo, or the gear icon. Nothing but grey. I'm pretty sure I hear the DVD drive spinning (hard to tell as this thing is so quiet!). I tried hitting the C key when booting, the option key, even some weird option + C + whatever else I found searching on the net. Nothing but grey screen. My theory: Something I imported from the Hackintosh broke the new OS. I had the Hackintosh set up with a Windows XP partition for using PARRALLELS. I just found out that you can eject the DVD by holding the mouse button when booting, so I will try that when I get home tonight - to see if it will boot off the HDD. Other than that, I'm looking at some quality time on the phone with Apple tech support. That is of course unless someone here has a better idea? Thanks in advance Bender
  4. gh0st3h You're THE MAN! Works like a charm. Checked the System Profiler and got: GeForce 8800 GT: Chipset Model: GeForce 8800 GT Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0611 Revision ID: 0x00a2 Displays: DCL9A: Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Rotation: Supported Display Connector: Status: No display connected Went into iPhoto and can display and edit pictures. Went into the screensaver and was able to turn on all those SS that didn't work before. THANK YOU! I can't wait to know enough about this stuff to be able to give back to the forum. Bender
  5. gh0st3h I will give it a try and post back my results. Thanks for taking the time to help. Bender
  6. gh0st3h Quartz Extreme - Not supported Core Image: Software I take it that's bad....
  7. Everyone, First off - thanks to the many many posters on this forum. I have used it to get answers to every possible issue I've had and it's gotten me to a point where Leopard is running smoothly on my PC. AND I LOVE IT! :-) There's one issue that's still bugging me: Every time I try to edit or display a picture with either iPhoto, Pixelmator or Photobooth (display), all I get is a blank screen where the picture should be. I have tried restoring permissions (these are all pictures I transferred from my XP hard drive), I have tried displaying pictures I downloaded from the web (in Leopard), I have tried downloading pictures straight from my camera and still I can't edit them. iPhoto displays a white screen in the window edit and a black screen in the full screen edit. Pixelmator displays a white screen in the window where the picture should be. In both cases, the thumbnails are fine. I'm starting to suspect it's a video card - driver issue. I have an NVDIA 8800 and I'm using the NVInject 512 that came with the iAtkos version of Leopard. Since I couldn't even install Aperture (said my video card was incompatible), I suspect the video card is messing up the display of the pictures. I should probably point out though that the pictures display perfectly in Preview. Anyone out there who's got any idea? Thanks in advance Bender